Norfolk, New Zealand

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Norfolk is located in Taranaki Region
Coordinates: 39°12′4″S 174°13′45″E / 39.20111°S 174.22917°E / -39.20111; 174.22917Coordinates: 39°12′4″S 174°13′45″E / 39.20111°S 174.22917°E / -39.20111; 174.22917
Country New Zealand
Region Taranaki
District New Plymouth District

Norfolk is a locality in Taranaki, in the North Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 3, about 5.5 kilometres south-east of Inglewood and 10.5 km north-west of Midhirst.[1][2]


Norfolk School is a coeducational full primary (years 1-8) school with a decile rating of 8 and a roll of 132.[3] The school celebrated its 125th jubilee in 2004.[4]


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