Norfolk Island national rugby league team

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Norfolk Island
Team information
Nickname Islanders
Pine Trees
Governing body Australian Rugby League Commission
Region Asia-Pacific Rugby League Confederation
Home stadium Norfolk Island Central School Oval
Team results
First game
 Māori 84-8  Norfolk Island
First international
 American Samoa 94-2  Norfolk Island
(Davies Park, Huntly, New Zealand October 1992)
Biggest defeat
 American Samoa 94-2  Norfolk Island
(Davies Park, Huntly, New Zealand October 1992)

The Norfolk Island national rugby league team (or the Pine Trees) have represented Norfolk Island in senior men's rugby league football competition since the 1990s.

Pacific Cup[edit]

They previously participated in the Pacific Cup but have been lost to the international game since the Super League War. They did not participate in the Oceania Cup or the Superleague World Nines and have not participated in a Pacific Cup since.[1][2]

1992 Pacific Cup team

1992 Pacific Cup squad - Shaun Goudie (c), Matthew Reeves (vc), Terry Jope, Brendan Christian, Brett Skinner, Brendon Cook, Jason Richards, Dylan Menzies, Peter Yager, Jeff Singer, Micky Saunders, Darren Nicolai, George Nabeaur, Kerry Nicholson, Shane Schmitz, Ian Kienan, Paul Dodds, Darren Trickey, Hayden Evans, Brendan King, Brian Buffett, Edan Mackie, Niel Christian and Brad Jones. Mal Snell (coach), Paul Christian (liaison office) and John Moochie Christian (first aid).[3]


1992 Pacific Cup Results

  • New Zealand Maoris 84-8 Norfolk Island
  • Australian Aborigines 74-2 Norfolk Island
  • American Samoa 94-2 Norfolk Island
  • Tokelau 44-8 Norfolk Island


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