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NorgesGruppen ASA
IndustryGrocery wholesale
HeadquartersOslo, Norway
Area served
Key people
Tommy Korneliussen (CEO)
Knut Hartvig Johannson (board chairman)
Johan Johannson (owner)
RevenueIncrease NOK 62.1 billion (2012)
NOK 1,548 million (2014)
Number of employees
25,000 (2007)

NorgesGruppen ASA is a Norwegian grocery wholesaling group which also runs various retail outlets. With a 38,5% market share [1] in 2012, NorgesGruppen was the largest player in the Norwegian grocery retail market.[2] The business dates back to 1866 when the wholesale activity started up in the name of Joh. Johannson.


ASKO is the wholesale branch of NorgesGruppen. In the 2012 annual review, NorgesGruppen said: "The wholesale business is responsible for the total flow of goods from manufacturer to the market segments in grocery retail, industrial household and convenient stores"[3] and consists of several regional companies, supplying groceries to NorgesGruppen’s stores, in addition to a smaller number of stores outside of NorgesGruppen. ASKO also supplies groceries to Horeca (hotels, restaurants and caterer) customers in Norway. ASKO distributes a portfolio of 18,000 products and serves 12,000 clients from 13 warehouses, covering all parts of Norway.[citation needed]


There are approximately 1,750 grocery stores and 500 convenience stores in NorgesGruppen, either as wholly owned stores, as associated members or as franchise partners.[citation needed] NorgesGruppen operates various retail formats, including Kiwi (soft discount), Meny, Centra, Ultra, Jacobs and SPAR (supermarkets), Joker (local stores) and Mix (convenience).


NorgesGruppen owns various private labels, developed and managed by its subsidiary Unil AS. The private labels include:

  • Aware (fairtrade products)
  • First Price (low cost brand)
  • Eldorado (quality food and beverage products)
  • Jacobs utvalgte (high-end food products)
  • Fiskemannen (fish and shellfish products)
  • Ferskt og ferdig (ready made meals)
  • Go Eco (organic products)
  • Unik (laundry, cleaning, table products)
  • Smart (petfood)
  • Seidel (beer)