Norinco HP9-1

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Norinco HP9-1
Norinco HP9-1
Type Shotgun
Place of origin  China
Service history
In service Present
Used by
Production history
Designer Norinco
Manufacturer Norinco
Length 34.5 inches (880 mm)
Barrel length 14 inches (360 mm)

Cartridge 12 gauge
Action pump-action
Feed system 4 round internal tube magazine
Sights Bead Front

The Norinco HP9-1, also known as the Norinco N870-14.00, is a short pump action shotgun made by Norinco of China.


This 12 gauge smoothbore firearm has a 14-inch (36 cm) barrel and has a rust-resistant parkerized finish. It is a close copy of the Remington 870, a widely distributed design no longer under patent protection, and most parts interchange freely. Compact, reliable, and affordable, it is popular with hunters and others working or recreating in grizzly bear habitat. The perpetrator of the Dawson College shooting was armed with an HP9-1-14.00.

Longer barreled versions (18" minimum) are also available for purchase in the US, where ownership of short barreled shotguns requires a $200 tax stamp. In the United States, where Norinco products are specifically non-importable, this gun is imported and sold under the names Norinco Hawk 982 and Interstate Hawk 982.

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