Noriyuki Iwadare

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Noriyuki Iwadare
Noriyuki Iwadare at Japan Expo 2010
Noriyuki Iwadare at Japan Expo 2010
Background information
Born (1964-04-28) April 28, 1964 (age 57)
Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
InstrumentsPiano, guitar
Years active1990–present

Noriyuki Iwadare (岩垂 徳行, Iwadare Noriyuki, born on April 28, 1964) is a Japanese video game composer.


Iwadare was born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. He began to compose video game music after years of being involved with university bands. The first award he won the Best Game Music award, the Mega Drive/Genesis category for Lunar: The Silver Star in 1991. He also won the Best Game Music award in the Sega Saturn Music category for Grandia in 1997 and in the Dreamcast category for Grandia 2 in 2000. Iwadare first composed music for Tokyo Disney Resort, in addition to Japanese dance programs, television programs, and radio programs. He dreams to have orchestral arrangements of his musical works, while he himself has done several times, as with the Gyakuten Meets Orchestra arrangements (orchestral arrangements of the Ace Attorney series music).

He was a special guest at the 11th French Japan Expo that was held on July 2010 in Paris, France.[1]





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