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Norland College, founded in 1892 by Emily Ward, is a provider of childcare training and education. Norland trainees are employed world-wide as nannies, nursery nurses and in other positions in a variety of settings for childcare.

Throughout its history the college has been based at various locations throughout the United Kingdom, notably Chislehurst in Kent and Hungerford in Berkshire, and is currently based in Bath. Originally the college contained daycare and boarding facilities for infants, and was a training college for nannies. Now the college at Bath is solely a training facility without integral childcare facilities.

The College focuses on only one degree programme: the BA (Hons) in Early Years Development and Learning, in association with the University of Gloucestershire.[1]


In February 1981 the BBC filmed a documentary about Norland on the current affairs programme Nationwide.

In February 1999, the first male nanny trainee was accepted since the inception of the college in 1892, and in 2012 the first male undergraduate was admitted.[2]

A so-called Sky Nannies diploma was introduced, in 2006, which specializes in the care of children during aeroplane trips.

In 2005/6 a documentary called Nanny School was filmed showing a year at Norland College. It consisted of 15 episodes (5 per term) and was shown on Discovery Home and Health (UK) in October 2007.

Norland College in Bath opened a nursery in the summer 2009.



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