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Norm Augustinus
Norm Augustinus.png
Norm Augustinus
Born Norman Theodore Augustinus, Jr.
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Genre Comedy
Humorous Fat Cat Adoption Story

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Norm Augustinus featured on American TV show for flying saucer invention.

Norman Theodore Augustinus, Jr is a Jewish American satire writer, comedian, actor, poet, comic illustrator/artist and audiocaster.

Early life[edit]

Augustinus was born in the Hutzel Women's Hospital[1] in Detroit, Michigan. He is the son of Levontina Melnick and Norman Augustinus, Sr. Augustinus's mother gave birth to twins but the other child was stillborn. Augustinus's mother was Jewish.[2] Augustinus's biological father (whom he never knew) once broke into his mothers Warren, Michigan home and kidnapped Norman at the age of five after a Michigan judge granted his mother sole custody. The kidnapping incident is featured in a comical novel entitled Cats and Dogs released by Augustinus in 2012. Norman Augustinus, Sr was in and out of prison and was an alcoholic eventually succumbing to the effects of alcohol poisoning. After the short marriage and divorce from Norman Sr Augustinus's mother went ten years before marrying Robert "Big Mac" McFarland. Robert McFarland was a Catholic and a traveling salesman in the tool and die industry. In 2011 his mother was diagnosed with treatable cancer but rejected all treatment even ceasing to eat or drink saying, "I can't wait to go". In 1993 his stepfather Robert McFarland committed suicide after an overdose of Dilaudid after being informed he would require dialysis treatment three days a week after suffering a heart attack and a botched angioplasty. Augustinus attended McMillan Elementary School (Delray, Detroit), McKinley Elementary School (Warren, MI), West Utica Elementary School (Shelby Township, MI), Eppler Junior High (Utica, MI) and Utica High School (Utica, MI). Augustinus has two sisters, Sandra Kay (Died 9/8/12) and Pamela Rose of Sterling Heights, Michigan.


Known widely for his eccentric offbeat brand of humor, Augustinus studied Journalism and Television at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan where he was an editor of the university newspaper the (Ferris Torch) and writer/producer of the then popular radio show, The Adventures of E-Man.[3] While a freshman at Ferris State University Augustinus published LEONARD. During his senior year at Ferris State University Augustinus placed in an invention contest and won a cash award for a mailbox transmitter device. A certificate and cash prize was presented to Augustinus during the dedication and open house of the Manufacturing Resource and Productivity Center.[4]

An inventor, his gadgets have been featured in publications and television shows[5] (USA Today,[6] Detroit Free Press[7] Detroit Free Press[8] Detroit News[9] Cadillac Evening News[10] Detroit Free Press[11] Weekly World News[12] Detroit Free Press Magazine[13] Royal Oak Tribune[14] The Pioneer[15] The Oakland Press[16] and countless others) across the United States. He has been a copywriter, run for political office[17] hunted for treasure, appeared in over two dozen television commercials and worked toward a private pilot license. In 1991 Augustinus developed the story-line and dialogue for place mats used in over 300 McDonald's restaurants throughout Michigan, The Adventures of Tizzie Bean.[18] Additionally in '91 Augustinus landed a bit part (under five lines) in the movie Hoffa starring Jack Nicholson (Shot in Cobo Hall Arena, Detroit).[19] Augustinus is listed in the 2003 & 2004 Edition of Marquis Who's Who in America and was nominated for the Ferris State University Distinguished Alumni Award two consecutive years in a row.[20] In 1999 he was accepted into the prestigious Powerhouse Theatre Program at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He has written for newspapers and online publications such as McSweeney's Internet Tendency and he is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Screen Actor's Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG and AFTRA) and Actor's Equity (AEA). In August 2004 Augustinus was chosen by the New York City Host Committee as an "All-America" volunteer, one of only a few hundred individuals hand selected from across the country to support the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Augustinus is the first cartoonist in the United States to be visited by the United States Secret Service with regards to a controversial drone [21] cartoon.

Since the 90's publications have referred to Augustinus as a cult icon [22] due largely to his ever growing following. His grandfather is from Amsterdam. Augustinus currently resides in Manhattan (Columbus Circle), and can frequently be found selling his art on

Norm Augustinus selling his art on Literary Walk in Central Park, New York, NY.

Literary Walk in Central Park.


Augustinus is one of the earliest ongoing internet audiocasters. In 1992 he broadcast his offbeat stories and poems (via the internet) using large uncompressed wav (wave) files. In 1995 Augustinus began using RealAudio due largely to the dramatic increase in speed, eventually shifting his focus to the mp3 format and Podcasting in late 2004. During 2006 comical bits produced by Augustinus were broadcast weekly on Sirius Satellite Radio.


His stepfather was a seasoned storyteller and traveling salesman for the Tool & Die industry in Detroit and (as a boy) Augustinus often accompanied him when calling on clients. According to Augustinus, it was during these times that he "learned how to tell a story."

Personal life[edit]

In 2012 his sister Sandra committed suicide after being diagnosed with bone cancer after being treated for breast cancer. Augustinus featured his sister regularly with regards to his weekly podcasts referring to her as "Damien Thorn". Augustinus writes daily and auditions in New York City often. He performs his popular stand-up comedy routine regularly. His novel, 'Cats and Dogs' was an Amazon Humor Best Seller (#8), in February 2013. His new novel 'Bedbadger' was released January 21, 2013 and was also featured on the Amazon Humor Best Seller list.


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