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The Norma Farber First Book Award is given by the Poetry Society of America "for a first book of original poetry written by an American and published in either a hard or soft cover in a standard edition during the calendar year".[1]

The award was established by the family and friends of the poet and children's book author Norma Farber. The award comes with a $500 prize.[1]


Year Winner Title Judge
2018 Eve L. Ewing Electric Arches Elizabeth Macklin
2017 Vincent Toro Stereo. Island. Mosaic. Natalie Diaz
2016 Magdalena Zurawski [Companion Animal] Jennifer Moxley
2015 Cathy Linh Che Split Adrian Matejka
2014 r. erica doyle proxy Maggie Nelson
2013 Nick Twemlow Palm Tree Timothy Liu
2012 Emily Kendal Frey The Grief Performance Dana Levin
2011 John Beer The Wasteland and Other Poems Bin Ramke
2010 Scott Coffel Toucans in the Arctic Edward Hirsch
2009 Richard Deming Let’s Not Call It Consequence Martha Ronk
2008 Catherine Imbriglio Parts of the Mass Thylias Moss
2007 Kate Colby Fruitlands Rosmarie Waldrop
2006 Cammy Thomas Cathedral of Wish Medbh McGuckian
2005 Karen An-hwei Lee In Medias Res Cole Swensen [2]
2004 Brenda Coultas A Handmade Museum Lyn Hejinian
2003 Sean Singer Discography Allen Grossman
2002 Jennifer Michael Hecht The Next Ancient World David Lehman
2001 V. Penelope Pelizzon Nostos August Kleinzahler
2000 Lisa Lubasch How Many More of Them Are You? John Yau
1999 Hettie Jones Drive: Poems Naomi Shihab Nye
1998 Rebecca Reynolds Daughter of the Hangnail Ann Lauterbach
1997 Susan Yuzna Her Slender Dress Michael Weaver
1995 Barbara Hamby Delirium[3]
1994 Sophie Cabot Black The Misunderstanding of Nature [4]
1993 Susan Wheeler Bag O' Diamonds James Tate
1992 Timothy Liu Vox Angelica Carolyn Forche
1991 Karl Kirchwey A Wandering Island

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