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For Disney's fictional "Norma Ray" - a ray of "Norma" particles, see Darkwing Duck

Norma Ray (legal name Sylvie N'Doumbé) is a French singer/songwriter born March 21, 1970 in Saint-Étienne, France. She is the daughter of Cameroon soccer star Frédéric N'Doumbé.

Norma has sung the French versions of songs on the soundtracks of French dubbed American films, including Sister Act 1 & 2, Lion King, Hercules etc. She has danced in the music video "U Got the Look" with Prince. She co-composed the song "Tous les maux d'amour" (All The Pain of Love), which became a hit for Ray in 1999 (hitting the Top 10 singles chart in France)[1] and one of the most played songs on radio stations in France, Canada, Switzerland and Belgium.[citation needed] The group S Club 7 made a cover version in English, which became an international hit entitled "Natural".


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