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Norman Alishan Bailey is President of the Institute for Global Economic Growth, an international economic consultant, and a former US government official. He is an adjunct professor at the Institute of World Politics and teaches a course on "Economics for Foreign Policy Makers."[1]

Employment at the National Security Council[edit]

Bailey served as Senior Director of International Economic Affairs for the United States National Security Council (NSC) between 1981 and 1983.[2] During his employment at the NSC, Bailey, whose specialty was monitoring terrorism by tracking finances, was involved in the following events:[3]

The investigation of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), which according to Bailey was involved in drug-running and arms-running transactions, as well as terrorism.[4] There were allegations of a link between BCCI and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA,) and Bailey was quoted in Newsweek saying that the CIA was not interested in "blowing the BCCI cover."[5]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Latin America: Politics, economics and Hemispheric Security
  • Latin America in World Politics
  • Portuguese Africa
  • Operational Conflict Analysis
  • The Mexican Time Bomb
  • The Strategic Plan That Won the Cold War


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