Norman Jeschke

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Norman Jeschke
Norman Jeschke bei der Shrek - Das Musical Premiere.JPG
Personal information
Country represented  Germany
Born (1979-03-02) 2 March 1979 (age 38)
Berlin, Germany
Former partner Mikkeline Kierkgaard
Mariana Kautz
Christine Tiltmann
Former coach Knut Schubert
Former choreographer Diana Goolsbey
N. Devisch
Kati Winkler
Rene Lohse
Norman Jeschke bei der Shrek - Das Musical Premiere, 19.10.'14, Düsseldorf

Norman Jeschke (born 2 March 1979 in Berlin, Germany) is a German pair skater.


Jeschke began skating as a single skater, but later switched to pair skating. With partner Christine Tiltmann, he is the 1997 German junior national champion. After that partnership, he teamed up with Mariana Kautz. They placed 14th at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Their partnership ended following the 2002 World Championships.

In May 2002, Jeschke teamed up with Danish figure skater Mikkeline Kierkgaard. They won the bronze medal at the 2004 German Championships. They were unable to compete internationally that season due to International Skating Union rules regarding country changes. They missed the 2004-2005 season because of injuries. After several injuries to Mikkeline Kierkgaard, they ended their partnership.

Norman Jeschke worked for the Bundeswehr until November 2005. In February 2006, he began training with Annette Dytrt to create a pairs partnership but they never competed together.

In 2006, Jeschke joined the Pro7-Skating-Show "Stars auf Eis" (Stars on Ice), a German version of Dancing on Ice, partnered with Magdalena Brzeska. His competitive figure skating career came to an end.

Jeschke made a few appearances in the German soap opera Alles was zählt as himself and paired with Tanja Szewczenko's character Diana.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Szewczenko and Jeschke's daughter, Jona Valentina, was born on Friday 25 February 2011.[2][3]


With Kautz[edit]

Event 1998–1999 1999–2000 2000–2001 2001–2002
Olympics 14th
Worlds 16th 11th 16th 14th
Europeans 13th 9th 9th 8th
Cup of Russia 10th
Sparkassen 6th 10th
Golden Spin 2nd
Nebelhorn 7th
German Champ. 3rd 2nd 2nd

With Kierkgaard[edit]

Event 2003–2004
Nebelhorn Trophy 6th
German Championships 3rd


(with Kierkgaard)

Season Short program Free skating
2004–2005[4] Austin Powers (soundtrack)
by George S. Clinton
Paradies of Pain
by Frank Nimsgern
2003–2004[5] Austin Powers (soundtrack)
by George S. Clinton
Forrest Gump (soundtrack)
by Alan Silvestri

(with Kautz)

Season Short program Free skating
2001–2002[6] Wild Things
by George S. Clinton
La Vita e Bella (soundtrack)
by Nicola Piovani


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