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Norman Lowell
Personal details
Born (1946-07-29) July 29, 1946 (age 69)
Valletta, Malta
Political party Imperium Europa
Residence Attard, Malta
Religion Cosmotheism[1]

Norman Lowell (born July 29, 1946) is a Maltese ultranationalist writer and head of the Imperium Europa, a political party. He is also a qualified banker, an artist, a writer and a martial arts expert.


Main article: Imperium Europa

Imperium Europa advocates Europe as a homeland for White people. The party's remit is to unite "all European natives" (i.e., European-descended peoples, but not non-European-descended immigrants born in Europe) under one flag, hence the name "Imperium Europa" (European Empire), leading to "a Europid bond forged through Spirituality closely followed by Race, nurtured through High culture, protected by High Politics, enforced by the Elite." In his formulation Lowell combines Cosmotheism and the ideas of Francis Parker Yockey's Imperium.

Norman Lowell contested the first European Parliament elections that were held in Malta on June 12, 2004, obtaining 1,603 first-count votes from a total of 250,691 votes cast (0.64%).[1] Lowell again contested the European Parliamentary elections in Malta on June 6, 2009. He received 3,559 votes,[2] out of 322,411 cast,[3] for just over one percent of the vote. In the 2014 MEP elections Norman Lowell again doubled his votes to over 7,000, this time surpassing the Green Party's leader Arnold Cassola.[4]

Campaigning heavily against illegal immigrants, Lowell was the party's candidate in the 11th and 12th Districts in the March 2008 parliamentary election. He obtained 84 votes on first count from both districts, obtaining 0.03% of the overall votes.

Norman Lowell is a staunch supporter and admirer of Carmelo Borg Pisani, the Maltese-born Italian Fascist, who, on the grounds that British rule was destroying Malta's Latin soul, advocated the expulsion of the British and joined, to this effect, the National Fascist Party. Lowell is known for the quotes "Carmelo Borg Pisani, presente!" and "Onore għal Carmelo Borg Pisani!" during a tribute to him in an interview on the television network One.[5]

Political descriptions[edit]

Because of comments denigrating African migrants to the country as well as his reliance on anti-Semitic rhetoric and conspiracy theories about Jews, the Maltese media has described Lowell as racist.[6][7][8] Lowell uses the parlance of white nationalists elsewhere and states that he is a racialist.[9][10] Lowell argues that he is "neither a Nazi nor a Fascist nor a Neo-Nazi" and that he would be "booted out of a Nazi party within five minutes" because he's "a strong libertarian",[11] but he has, nevertheless, described Mein Kampf as "The Book" and Adolf Hitler as "The Hero," [12] and called the Nazi Holocaust a "holy hoax". He has also praised Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.[13][14]


Norman Lowell is the author of two published books, Credo: A Book for the Very Few,[15] and Imperium Europa - A Book that Changed the World.

Dionysian Action Painting[edit]

Norman Lowell is a dedicated artist in his own abstract style, which he labels "Dionysian Action Painting".[16] He describes it as an ancient Greek art form based around "intoxication, frenzy, ecstasy, barbaric instincts". It captures feelings, rather than figures, and is the sublimation of the beast in man into art.[17] On the opposite end of the scale is Apollonian art, which is founded on imagination, balance and restraint. (These categories are taken from Nietzsche)

Martial arts[edit]

Lowell has been interested in the oriental Martial Arts since the 1970s, principally Hsing I and Tai Chi Ch’uan. Their combination is encapsulated in Ch’uan Shu (The Way of The Fist), which is the art he practices.[18] He is in fact the founder of Ch’uan Shu in Malta.

Legal controversies[edit]

On March 27, 2008, Norman Lowell, was sentenced to a two-year jail term, suspended for four years, due to his conviction on three charges of racial hatred, and one charge of insulting the President of Malta. He was also ordered to pay a fine of 500 Euros.

Speaking outside the courthouse, Norman Lowell told reporters, and a small crowd, "this is a sad day, a very sad day for the Maltese. The lights of freedom have been extinguished. We are going back to the medieval ages. The media will be the first victims of the establishment since they have to be extra careful on how they report items."[19]

On January 10, 2006, Norman Lowell filed a civil libel suit against Malta Today editor Saviour Balzan. Lowell contends that two of the publication's articles, one entitled "Norman Lowell organises BBQ", and another entitled "Lowell’s neo-Nazis hit out at press after arson attack", as well as an editorial entitled "Get the bastards now, before it is too late", constitute a "coordinated, strategic, and orchestrated" effort to undermine his public reputation.[20]


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