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Norman Maldonado, (born 1935 in Adjuntas,[1] Puerto Rico), is one of Puerto Rico's top hematologists and served as President[2] of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR). In 1992, during the presidency, he also chaired the pro-statehood New Progressive Party's platform-drafting committee.[3] In the years following the election, he helped the governor Pedro Rosselló to initiate the reform of Puerto Rico's health system.[3] Since 2005, he has published numerous columns for The San Juan Star newspaper, many of them documenting Puerto Rico's medical history.

The Puerto Rico Senate recently passed a bill naming the Puerto Rico Medical Center's University Hospital after Dr. Maldonado, the only medical doctor to have held the post of UPR President.

A native of the mountain town of Adjuntas, he is married to Mary Anne Maldonado, a well known feminist and social activist, and have several grown-up children.


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