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George Frank Norman Reddaway (2 May 1918 – 12 October 1999) was a British civil servant and Diplomat.[1]

The younger son of William Fiddian Reddaway (1872-1949), Professor of History at Cambridge University, Norman Reddaway attended King's College School[2], and later gained a Double First in Modern Languages at Cambridge. He joined the British army as a private on the outbreak of war in 1939. He spent most of the wartime years with the GHQ Liaison Regiment, leaving in 1946 with the rank of lieutenant-colonel. In 1946, after serving with the Allied Control Commission, he joined the British Foreign Office.

Under Under-Secretary of State Christopher Mayhew, Reddaway co-founded the Information Research Department. Mayhew and Reddaway had served together in GHQ Liaison Regiment.

From 1974 to 1978, Reddaway was British Ambassador to Poland.


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