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Norodom Sihanouk was the King of Cambodia who reigned between 1941 and 1955 and again from 1993 to 2004. Sihanouk was also known as a filmmaker. He often simultaneously produced, directed and wrote the scripts of his films. He also acted in a few of his own films, and produced a total of 50 films throughout his lifetime.[1]


English title Other names Year Role Notes Ref.
Tarzan among the Kuoy 1940s Producer, director, scriptwriter [2]
Double Crime on the Maginot Line 1940s Producer, director, scriptwriter [2]
Apsara រឿង អប្សរា 1966 Producer and director First feature film [1][3]
The Enchanted Forest La Foret Enchantee 1966-7 Producer, director, scriptwriter, actor [4]
The Little Prince Prachea Komar 1967 Producer, director, scriptwriter Won the Golden Apsara Award at the 1968 Phnom Penh International Film Festival [5][4]
Shadows over Angkor Ombre sur Angkor 1968 Producer, director, scriptwriter, actor [4]
The Joy of Life La Joie du Vivre 1968 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
Twilight Crepuscule 1969 Producer, director, scriptwriter, actor Won the Golden Apsara Award at the 1969 Phnom Penh International Film Festival[6] [4]
Tragic Destiny Tragique destin 1969 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
The Mysterious City La cite mysterieuse 1988 Director, scriptwriter Filmed in North Korea [4]
Goodbye, my love Adieu mon amour 1988 Director, scriptwriter Filmed in North Korea [4]
The countess of Norkorom La comtesse de Nokorom 1989 Director, scriptwriter Filmed in North Korea [4]
I shall never see you again, oh my beloved Kampuchea! Je ne te reverrai plus, ô mon bien-aimé Kampuchea! 1990 Director, scriptwriter Filmed in North Korea [4]
The beacon that lights our way Le phare qui éclair none voie 1991 Director, scriptwriter [4]
My Village at Sunset Mon village au coucher du soleil 1992 Producer, director, scriptwriter Winner of the Prix Special at the Saint Petersburg Festival [4]
The Champa flower of Battambang La Fleur Champa de Battambang 1992 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
The phantom of my beloved wife Le fantome de mafemme bien-aimee 1993 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
A Croesus saviour of poor women Un Cresus sauveteur de femmes pauvres 1993 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
The four elements Les quatres elements 1993 Director Ballet film [4]
See Angkor and Die Revoir Angkor et mourir 1993 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
Fatality Fatalite 1994 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
Peasants in distress Un paysan et une paysanne en detresse 1994 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
Khmer Robin Hood Robin des Bois Khmer 1994 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
Nostalgia for China Nostalgie de la Chine 1995 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
An Ambition Reduced to Ashes Nostalgie de la Chine 1995 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, the sole refuge Bouddha, Dharma, Sangha le seul refuge 1995 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
The Last Days of Colonel Savath Les dernier s jours du Colonel Savath 1995 Producer, director, scriptwriter [4]
Apostle of Non-Violence Un apôtre de la non-violence 1997 Director, scriptwriter [7]
Commander of the Royal Order of Koh Daung 2006 Producer, director [8]
Four wives are not such fun 2006 Producer, director [9]
Who doesn't have a mistress 2006 Producer, director [10]
Miss Asina 2006 Producer Final film [5]


  • Cortège Royal (1969)
  • Cambodge 1965 (1965)
  • Norodom Sihanouk, Roi Cinéaste (1997) by Frédéric Mitterrand


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