Norra Kvill National Park

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Norra Kvill National Park
Norra Kvills nationalpark
IUCN category II (national park)
Norra Kvill Nationalpark.jpg
Location Kalmar County, Sweden
Coordinates 57°46′N 15°35′E / 57.767°N 15.583°E / 57.767; 15.583Coordinates: 57°46′N 15°35′E / 57.767°N 15.583°E / 57.767; 15.583
Area 1.14 km2 (0.44 sq mi)[1]
Established 1927, extended 1989[1]
Governing body Naturvårdsverket

Norra Kvill is a small national park (established in 1927) near Vimmerby in Kalmar county, Småland, southeastern Sweden. A few kilometers from the park is the Rumskulla oak, Europe's largest English oak with a circumference of about 14 m (46 ft). The oak is thought to be about 1 000 years old.


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