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Norra länken (trafikplats "vinter"), November 2014.
The Ring, party established

Norra länken (The northern link) is a motorway in Stockholm, Sweden, between Norrtull and Karlberg, where it connects to Essingeleden. The road is part of European route E4 and E20 and the incomplete Stockholm ring road.[1]

As of 2007 Norra länken is only 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) in length, but an eastward extension from Norrtull to the Värtan Port (Värtahamnen) for a total length of 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) is under construction which is estimated to be complete by 2015.[2] The 6 km south part (4,6 km tunnel) of the ring called Södra länken was opened 2004. The east part is under feasibility study. At the west, the highly congested Essingeleden was opened 1966, with its six bridges.


The tunnel in October 2009

The part of Norra länken between Karlberg and Norrtull was finished and opened in 1991. As part of the Dennis Agreement (Dennisöverenskommelsen), a political agreement, the construction eastward of the remaining part to Värta harbour was to be completed as well. The construction was cancelled in 1997 when the project was appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court which determined that the detail plan for the part between Norrtull and Roslagstull was in conflict with the law protecting the Royal National City Park. The political agreement was broken and it was uncertain whether the road project would be completed.[3]

The government and Stockholm Municipality agreed in 2002 on a new alignment between Norrtull and Roslagstull. The detail plan was again appealed, but the Supreme Administrative Court rejected the appeal on February 26, 2007,[4] and construction resumed on May 11, 2007.[5]

Construction of the extension[edit]

The construction of the extension between Norrtull and Värta harbour is estimated to take eight years and estimated to cost 9 billion SEK.[6] The road will mostly be placed in tunnels with entrances and exits placed at the areas of Norrtull,[7] Roslagstull,[8] Frescati,[9] and Värta harbor.[10]


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