Norrköping-class missile boat

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HMS Ystad R142.JPG
HSwMS Ystad
Class overview
Name: Norrköping class
Builders: Karlskrona Navy Yard
Operators:  Swedish Navy
Preceded by: Spica class
Subclasses: Ystad class
Built: 1971–1976
In service: 1972–2005
Completed: 12
Retired: 12
General characteristics
Type: Torpedo boat / missile boat
Displacement: 220 tons standard, 255 tons full load
Length: 43.6 m (143 ft)
Beam: 7.1 m (23 ft)
Draught: 1.6 m (5 ft 3 in)
Propulsion: 3 shaft, Bristol Proteus gas turbines 12,750 hp (9,510 kW), 3 CP propellers
Speed: 41 knots (76 km/h; 47 mph)
Complement: 30
Sensors and
processing systems:
Radar: Scanter 009, PEAB 9LV 200 mk1; Sea Giraffe 50HC radar post 1982–85 refits
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
MARIS 880 weapons control system (post 1982–1985 refits)
  • 1 × Bofors 57 mm gun
  • 6 × 533 mm (21 in) wire-guided torpedoes
  • 2 × 7.62×51mm NATO machine guns,
  • Flare and chaff rockets, naval mines and/or depth charges
  • Up to 8 RBS-15 anti-ship missiles replaced 4 torpedo tubes after 1982–1985 refits

The Norrköping class were a group of fast attack craft built for the Swedish Navy in the 1970s. Twelve ships were built, with the last ship decommissioned in 2005. The boats have also been called the Spica II class and were named after Swedish cities.[citation needed]


The initial design was a version of the earlier Spica-class torpedo boat with some minor changes.


The power train was identical to the preceding class and comprised three Bristol Proteus gas turbine engines driving three propellers


The initial armament was identical to the Spica class, comprising a Bofors 57 mm gun and six 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes. There was a refit programme in 1982–1985, where four launchers for RBS-15 anti-ship missiles replaced four torpedo tubes. Mines could be carried in place of the torpedoes or missiles. The 1982 refit also included new sensors (Sea Giraffe radar) and a new weapons control system (Maris 880).

Ystad class modernisation[edit]

Six boats were modernised between 1996 and 2000 with new fire control systems and other electronics. The boats were originally set to be operated until 2010 but they were taken out of service early due to financial reasons with HSwMS Ystad decommissioning in 2005.

Royal Malaysian Navy[edit]

A version of this design was built for the Malaysian Navy by Karlskrona dockyard as the Handalan class. These ships had an all diesel power plant, with a revised superstructure design, different electronics and Exocet missiles


All ships were built by Karlskrona Dockyard

Number Name Launched Decommissioned
T131 Norrköping 16 Nov 1972 2005 (modernised)
T132 Nynäshamn 24 Apr 1973 2003 (modernised)
T133 Norrtälje 18 Sep 1973 1998
T134 Varberg 2 Feb 1974 1998
T135 Västerås 15 May 1974 1998
T136 Västervik 2 Sep 1974 1997 – preserved as a museum ship in the Marinmuseum, Karlskrona[1]
T137 Umeå 15 Jan 1975 1998
T138 Piteå 12 May 1975 2003 (modernised)
T139 Luleå 19 Aug 1975 2000's (modernised)
T140 Halmstad 17 Oct 1975 2005 (modernised)
T141 Strömstad 26 Apr 1976 2005
T142 Ystad 3 Sep 1976 2005 (modernised)


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