Norrland County

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Norrland County
Norrlands län
County of the Swedish Empire


Flag of Norrland


Capital Hudiksvall
 •  1634–1637 Stellan Mörner
 •  1637–1641 Christer Posse
 •  1641–1645 Ivar Nilsson Natt och Dag
 •  Established 1634
 •  Västerbotten established 1638
 •  Disestablished 5 September 1645

Norrland County, or Norrlands län, was a county of the Swedish Empire from 1634 to 1645.

In 1638 the northern part of the county, Västerbotten and Lappland, were separated and established as the Västerbotten County. On 5 September 1645 the remainder of the county was divided in two parts where the central part became the Härnösand County and the southern part became the Hudiksvall County. However in 1654 Härnösand and Hudiksvall counties were reunited as the Västernorrland County.

The capital of Norrlands län was Hudiksvall.


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Coordinates: 62°55′00″N 17°53′00″E / 62.9167°N 17.8833°E / 62.9167; 17.8833