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Norrström Norrbro 2010.jpg
Country Sweden
Basin 22,650.2 km2 (8,745 sq mi) [1]
 - average 166 m3/s (5,862 cu ft/s) [2]

Norrström in central Stockholm connects Lake Mälaren with the Baltic Sea. It runs from Riddarfjärden, north of Gamla stan, to Saltsjön. Two islands lie within it, Strömsborg and Helgeandsholmen. It is one of two natural waterways between Mälaren and the Baltic sea, the other being Söderström south of Gamla stan. Norrström is crossed by Centralbron and the adjacent pedestrian bridge, Vasabron, Riksbron north of Helgeandsholmen which continues into Riksgatan and Stallbron south of the island, Norrbro crossing Helgeandsholmen, and Strömbron.

As the water level of Mälaren is usually higher than that of the Baltic, the current normally runs from west to east. Norrström is not navigable for traffic between Mälaren and the Baltic, though whitewater kayakers often use it for training. A great number of fish species can be caught there, among them sea trout and salmon, which makes Norrström a popular destination for sport fishers.


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Coordinates: 59°19′43.01″N 18°4′16.71″E / 59.3286139°N 18.0713083°E / 59.3286139; 18.0713083