Norsk Radio Relæ Liga

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Norsk Radio Relæ Liga
Norwegian Radio Relay League
NRRL logo.png
Abbreviation NRRL
Formation 8 August 1928[1]
Type Non-profit organization[1]
Purpose Advocacy, Education
Headquarters Oslo, Norway[1]
Region served
Official language
Jan Helge Larsen LA3PK[2]
General Secretary
Jan Almedal LB1G[3]
Affiliations International Amateur Radio Union, Nordic Radio Amateur Union

The Norsk Radio Relæ Liga (NRRL) (in English, Norwegian Radio Relay League) is a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in Norway.[1] Key membership benefits of NRRL include the sponsorship of amateur radio operating awards and radio contests, and a QSL bureau[4] for those members who regularly communicate with amateur radio operators in other countries. NRRL publishes a membership magazine called Amatørradio.[5] NRRL represents the interests of Norwegian amateur radio operators before Norwegian and international telecommunications regulatory authorities.[6] NRRL is the national member society representing Norway in the International Amateur Radio Union.[7]

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