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Norsk TV1 was a Norwegian television station. Norsk TV1 started in 1989. It was focused on Norwegian shows and films, and produced a lot of entertainment shows for its weekend programming. On week days, the station's programming consisted of selected re-runs from last weekend. As Norwegian state television (NRK) was particularly strong during week-ends, the station did not do very well. Its owners closed it down and sold remaining assets and rights to TVNorge in 1989 after failed negotiations to join forces with them.

Some of the entertainment shows from this channel later became very popular on TVNorge, which used it to complement its own programming, which was mostly based on cheap entertainment during weekdays. TVNorge also had the advantage of being broadcast on local TV stations throughout Norway.

TV1 failed mostly due to spending huge amounts of money on Norwegian productions without having the network to spread these broadcasts into most people's homes. TVNorge succeeded by first broadcasting cheap imports and then supplementing with local productions. The shows they got from TV1, particularly an evening show with popular host Rolv Wesenlund, were important in TVNorge's successful fight to become the second widely distributed commercial channel in Norway.

Norsk TV1 is now part of TVNorge.