Norsk Toppfotball

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Norsk Toppfotball
Ntf topp.jpg
Founded 1972
Members 32
Key people Olav Boksasp, Chairman
Niels Røine, CEO
Boye Skistad, Managing director
Office location Oslo, Norway
Country Norway

Norsk Toppfotball (NTF) is an interest organization for the 16 Norwegian Premier League and 16 Adeccoligaen clubs in Norway. The organization was previously known as Serieforeningen av 1972 (SF-72),[1] but changed its name in 2001. NTF goal is to be a leading factor in the development of Norwegian top football on a club level. They support clubs economically, administrative and commercially to help raise the level of Norwegian football. NTF, together with TV 2 and the coaches union, choose the coach of the month/year, and together with TV 2 and the readers of choose the player of the month/year, Norsk Toppfotball football awards.


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