North-link line

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North-Link Line
TRA North-Link Line.svg
Native name北迴線
OwnerTaiwan Railways Administration
TypePassenger/freight rail
Operator(s)Taiwan Railways Administration
Opened1 February 1980
Line length79.2 km (49.2 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)
Electrification25 kV/60 Hz Catenary
Operating speed150 km/h (93 mph)

The North-Link Line (Chinese: 北迴線; pinyin: Běihuí Xiàn) is the central section of the Eastern Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. The length of its mainline is 79.2 km, and there is a 7.4 km long branch between Beipu and Hualien Port.[1]


The high mountains and cliffs in eastern Taiwan, between Ilan and Hualien, is a major barrier to the transportation between northern Taiwan and eastern Taiwan. The highway was narrow and dangerous. Ferry service between Keelung and Hualien was an overnight trip. Thus in 1973 the construction of North-link line started. The line branched from Yilan line at Nan Sheng Hu in Su'ao, traveling through mountains and valleys with 91 tunnels and 16 bridges, and ended at a newly constructed Hualien Station. The line was completed in 1979 and was almost immediately overloaded in passenger and freight services. Despite Taiwan Railway Administration continued upgrading signals, tracks, and rolling stock of the line, the great demand could not be fulfilled. The line was then electrified in 2003 and expanded to two tracks (double track) in January 2005.


Outline map near Su'ao, Stations:
A: Su-aosin, B: Su-ao, C: Yongle
Blue:Yilan Line, Green: North-Link Line
Outline map near Hualien, Stations:
A: Hualien (former), B: Hualien Port,
C: Hualien, D: Beipu, E: Ji'an, F: Meilun
Yellow: North-Link Line
Blue:Hualien–Taitung Line
Green: Hualien Port Line
Red: Hualien Port Line (former)
Name Chinese Taiwanese Hakka Transfers and Notes Location
Su'aoxin 蘇澳新 So͘-ò Sin Sû-o Sîn Taiwan Railways Administration Yilan line Su'ao Yilan
Yongle 永樂 Éng-lo̍k Yún-lo̍k
Dong'ao 東澳 Tang-ò Tûng-o Nan'ao
Nan'ao 南澳 Lâm-ò Nàm-o Su'ao
Wuta 武塔 Bú-thah Vú-thap Nan'ao
Hanben 漢本 Hàn-pún Hon-pún
Heping 和平 Hô-pêng Fò-phìn Xiulin Hualien
Heren 和仁 Hô-jîn Fò-yìn
Chongde 崇德 Chông-tek Chhùng-tet
Xincheng (Taroko) 新城(太魯閣) Sin-siâⁿ (Thài-ló͘-koh) Sîn-sàng (Thai-lû-kok) Xincheng
Jingmei 景美 Kéng-bí Kín-mî Xiulin
Beipu 北埔 Pak-po͘ Pet-phû Xincheng
Hualien 花蓮 Hoa-liân Fâ-lièn Taiwan Railways Administration Hualien–Taitung line Hualien

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