North American Bengali Conference

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North American Bengali Conference
নর্থ আমেরিকান বঙ্গ সম্মেলন
GenreCultural festival
Inaugurated1981 (1981)
Most recent2018 (2018)
Organized byCultural Association of Bengal

The North American Bengali Conference (NABC) is an annual Bengali culture conference held in the United States and Canada, typically around the weekend of July 4. It was established in 1981 by the Cultural Association of Bengal in New York, and is hosted by a different organization every year.[1] The conference includes performances, readings, discussion, networking, and class reunions.

Performers are often from the U.S., Canada, India, and Bangladesh,[1] and audiences are primarily Indian American, Bangladeshi American, Indian Canadian, and

Bangladeshi Canadian.


Hosting rights[edit]

The Cultural Association of Bengal approves annual hosts for the North American Bengali Conference. As of 2018, organizations that wish to be considered need to be membership organizations, have members with experience hosting or volunteering previous NABC conferences, and have the capacity to raise US $2 million.[58]

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