North American College and Community Radio Chart

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The North American College and Community Chart
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Record chart
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LaunchedJanuary 2017

The North American College and Community Radio Chart, often abbreviated as NACC, is a weekly Top 200 radio chart launched in January 2017.[1] As of 2018, the NACC chart receives weekly airplay reports from over 200 radio stations across North America.[2][3]


The Top 200 chart was founded in January 2017, while smaller genre-specific charts were added to the website in August 2017.[4] All charts on NACC are weighted charts, meaning that major market stations carry more weight than smaller market stations.[4]

After the dissolution of CMJ in 2017, NACC has become the primary source for the publication of college radio airplay.[5] As a result, the NACC Top 200 Chart was cited in several major news publications in 2018, such as Billboard and The Economist.[6][7]


In addition to the Top 200, the NACC also tracks genre-specific charts each week, including charts for electronic and hip hop.[8] Within the genre-specific charts, NACC publishes the #10 charting songs for each genre, as well as the most-added songs within each genre.[8] "College Radio Weekly," a weekly public Spotify playlist, features the 40 highest charting artists from the NACC Top 200.[9]


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