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Logo from NACCL-20, held in 2008

The North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL) is an annual academic conference that focuses on research in Chinese language and linguistics.

The conference was first held in 1989 at Ohio State University, as the Northeast Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NECCL), and changed its name to "North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics" at its third annual session in 1991.[1][2] It is held every year in late spring, and includes both theoretical and empirical research from all subfields of Chinese linguistics;[1] presenters include graduate students in addition to professors and other well-established scholars. The conference generally hosts talks both in Chinese and in English. The proceedings are published annually after the conference is finished; after NACCL-20 in 2008, the proceedings were published online for the first time.[3]

Subjects presented include: Sociolinguistics, Phonetics/Phonology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Orthography, Historical linguistics, Computational/Corpus Linguistics, Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, and Morphology.

Past conferences[edit]

Year Title Host
1989 NECCL-1 Ohio State University
1990 NECCL-2 University of Pennsylvania
1991 NACCL-3 Cornell University
1992 NACCL-4 University of Michigan
1993 NACCL-5 University of Delaware
1994 NACCL-6 University of Southern California
1995 NACCL-7 University of Wisconsin–Madison
1996 NACCL-8 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1997 NACCL-9 University of Victoria
1998 NACCL-10 Stanford University
1999 NACCL-11 Harvard University
2000 NACCL-12 San Diego State University
2001 NACCL-13 University of California, Irvine
2002 NACCL-14 University of Arizona
2003 NACCL-15 Michigan State University
2004 NACCL-16 University of Iowa
2005 NACCL-17 Defense Language Institute
2006 NACCL-18 Western Washington University
2007 NACCL-19 Columbia University
2008 NACCL-20 Ohio State University
2009 NACCL-21 Bryant University
2010 NACCL-22 Harvard University
2011 NACCL-23 University of Oregon
2012 NACCL-24 University of San Francisco

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