North American Leaders' Summit

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Canada, Mexico and the United States, members of the NAFTA.
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, left, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, centre, and U.S. President Barack Obama, right, at the North American Leaders' Summit in Ottawa, Canada, on June 29, 2016.

The North American Leaders' Summit (also NALS [1]) is the official name of the trilateral annual summit between the prime minister of Canada and the presidents of Mexico and the United States [2][3][4] that is, the annual meeting of the Heads of Government for the United States, Canada, and Mexico [5] It started as the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, a continent-level dialogue, founded on 23 March 2005. The most recent summit occurred on 29 June 2016, and was hosted by Canada.[6] The summit is often referred to as the Three Amigos Summit in the popular press.[7][8] According to the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, the outcome of the summit impacts the lives of Canadians, Mexicans and Americans. In 2016, the summit is expected to help create better conditions in searching for "sustainable economic growth, help transition to a low carbon economy, and provide better opportunities for Canadians, Americans, and Mexicans alike.".[9] The triad of leaders President Barack Obama, President Enrique Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meet during NALS for the first and last time, as Trudeau just arrived in Autumn 2015 and Obama will leave the White House in Winter 2017. Prime Minister Trudeau described the meetings: "The tone of the meeting was friendly, as you might expect among friends, but also a little poignant".[10]


Year # Dates Country City Host leader
2005 1st March 23 United States United States Waco, Texas George W. Bush
2006 2nd March 31 Mexico Mexico Cancún, Quintana Roo Vicente Fox
2007 3rd August 20–21 Canada Canada Montebello, Quebec Stephen Harper
2008 4th April 21–22 United States United States New Orleans, Louisiana George W. Bush
2009 5th August 8–11 Mexico Mexico Guadalajara, Jalisco Felipe Calderon
2010 6th No meeting Canada Canada Wakefield, Quebec Stephen Harper
2011 7th November 13 United States United States Honolulu, Hawaii Barack Obama
2012 8th April 2 United States United States Washington, D.C. Barack Obama
2014 9th February 19 Mexico Mexico Toluca, State of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto
2016 10th June 29 Canada Canada Ottawa, Ontario Justin Trudeau


Canada Prime Minister of Canada United States President of the United States Mexico President of Mexico
2005 Paul Martin George W. Bush Vicente Fox
2006 Stephen Harper
2007 Felipe Calderón
2009 Barack Obama
2013 Enrique Peña Nieto
2016 Justin Trudeau

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