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The North American Nature Photography Association or NANPA is an organization dedicated to photography of nature. Its headquarters were in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, and are now in Alma, Illinois. Established in 1994, the association has 2,500 members. Several categories of membership are available, including discounts for students. The association annually sponsors a variety of activities, such as regional events, meetups, workshops, tours, and webinars throughout the United States. The NANPA Foundation [], established in 1997, awards scholarships, operates blinds for wildlife photography, and organizes funds in memory of deceased photographers and others. NANPA also markets books of interest to members, including those by members, through

In 2006, NANPA initiated June 15 as Nature Photography Day. This designated day was spearheaded by the association’s History Committee. Its purpose is to promote the art and science of nature photography. NANPA looks to esthetic elements and practical ones, too. Photography has been used to rescue animals, plants, and habitats locally and worldwide. Participation in Nature Photography Day has since extended worldwide. June 15 is a day that encourages exploring, with a camera, the natural world within walking, hiking, biking, or rowing distance--to avoid leaving a carbon footprint. Among the numerous ways to celebrate the day is to experiment with taking photographs of a familiar subject, turning the ordinary into something extraordinary. NANPA also encourages participants to learn about the experiences of nature photographers--legends of the past and today.

NANPA's Summits, begun in 1995, bring together nature photography professionals from throughout the continent and the world. Recent Summits have been held in Jacksonville, Florida (2013 and 2017); and San Diego, California (2015). The event is scheduled for Las Vegas in 2019. Each Summit features major presentations by distinguished people in the nature photography profession, an awards celebration, a trade show, portfolio reviews, workshops (breakout sessions), and vendor demonstrations. Lightning talks were a recent feature at Summits: a series of six-minute presentations by NANPA members on techniques, anecdotes, and related information.

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