North American ice storm of January 1961

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Ice Storm of January 1961
Type Ice storm
Formed January 1, 1961
Dissipated January 3, 1961
Lowest pressure Unknown
Maximum snowfall or ice accretion ~8 inches (freezing rain)
Damage Unknown
Areas affected northern Idaho

The North American ice storm of January 1961 was a massive ice storm that struck areas of northern Idaho in the United States on January 1–3, 1961. The storm set a record for thickest recorded ice accumulation from a single storm in the United States, at 8 inches.[1][2]

The storm's swath covered areas from Grangeville, in north central Idaho, to the Canada–United States border. According to the National Weather Service, a combination of dense fog, sub-freezing temperatures, and occasional freezing rain led to the heavy ice accretions. Catastrophic damage to trees and utilities resulted, resulting in widespread power outages.[1]

Prior to this storm, previous records of between 4 and 6 inches of ice were recorded in New York City and Texas.[1]