North Bend High School

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For other places with the same name, see North Bend High School.
North Bend High School
High School (North Bend, Oregon).jpg
2323 Pacific Avenue
North Bend, Oregon, Coos 97459
United States
Coordinates 43°23′55″N 124°13′58″W / 43.398687°N 124.232841°W / 43.398687; -124.232841Coordinates: 43°23′55″N 124°13′58″W / 43.398687°N 124.232841°W / 43.398687; -124.232841
Type Public
Established 1908
School district North Bend School District
Principal Bill Lucero
Grades 9–12
Number of students 805[1]
Color(s) Brown and gold
Athletics conference OSAA 4A
Mascot Bulldog (Hesper and Hessie)
Team name Bulldogs
Rival Marshfield High School
Newspaper The Bulldog Barker
Yearbook Hesperia

North Bend High School is a public high school in North Bend, Oregon, United States.


The North Bend school district awarded its first four-year diplomas in the spring of 1908, the first high school in Coos County, Oregon, to do so. The school was operating out of the Central School building at that time. Even prior to that, in the fall of 1907, the school colors of brown and gold were chosen for the school. The superintendent at the time, A.G. Rabb, had graduated from Baldwin College in Ohio, which had those same colors. Raab also instituted a tradition of annually tying a ribbon with the name of each year's graduates to a shovel used to plant a sprig of ivy or a tree to beautify the schools campus.[2]

By the 1909-1910 school year a new building, Kinney High, was built to provide a place of higher education in North Bend, Oregon. Only one student graduated from Kinney High in 1910. A year later the school was renamed North Bend High School when it was discovered that the man who donated the property for the school, Lorenzo D. Kinney, did not have clear title to the land.[3]

In 1928, the high school's letterman club (Order of North Bend) suggested a Bulldog mascot for the school. It was first mentioned in the local newspapers in the fall. It remains the school's mascot.[4]


In 1987, North Bend High School was honored in the Blue Ribbon Schools Program, the highest honor a school can receive in the United States.[5]

In 2008, 78% of the school's seniors received their high school diploma. Of 198 students, 154 graduated, 28 dropped out, 3 received a modified diploma, and 13 are still in high school.[6][7]


The first athletic team to win any sort of championship was the girls' basketball team of 1908-1909 which won the Coos County League title that winter.[8]

State championships[edit]

  • Wrestling: 1979
  • Women's basketball: 2005
  • Men's cross country: 2006, 2007
  • Women's swimming: 2007, 2013, 2015
  • Men's swimming: 2011
  • Forensics: 2013, 2014
  • Symphonic band: 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Track and field: 2014
  • Volleyball: 2006
  • Football: 2016

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Mikey Swanson - All around good guy
  • Sheila Bleck - professional bodybuilder
  • Bill Borcher - University of Oregon Basketball Coach
  • Pete Susick - inducted into "Oregon Sports Hall of Fame" as a coach in 1990
  • Bob Sanders - "University of Oregon Hall of Fame" football player
  • Jim Shanley - "Oregon Sports Hall of Fame", played for Green Bay Packers
  • Bill Swain - seven-year career in the National Football League
  • David Abraham - 1992 National High School Wrestling Coach of the Year
  • Keith Shriver - 1999 inductee to Linfield College "Hall of Fame" for track
  • Rudy Ruppe - inducted into Oregon State's "Sports Hall of Fame" in 1990
  • Kenn Hess - recognized by the "Oregon Coaches Association" for sports reporting
  • Rick Wetherell - Oregon high school "Teacher of the Year" in 1985.
  • Doug Schmidt - lead engineer for the General Motors ONSTAR system
  • John Hunter - 1984 NCAA Football champion who later played for both the Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks
  • Donny Harrel - National "Community College Baseball Coach of the Year" in 1999.
  • Dale Stebbins - inducted into the "Oregon High School Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame" in 2000.
  • Dean Crowell - U.S. Air Force Academy awards "Outstanding Intramural Athlete" annually in his name
  • Jukka Hilden - Finnish stunt performer, actor and television personality.


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