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North Boone Community Unit School District 200 is a unified school district based in the central region of the county of its namesake, Boone County; more specifically, in the village of Poplar Grove, Illinois. Five of the six schools in the district are located here, with the other being eastwards in the village of Capron. The community unit school district is composed of, as previously mentioned, six schools: there are three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Manchester Elementary School, which serves the grades K-4 alongside Poplar Grove Elementary School, is governed by Principal Kristi Crawford;[1] the principal of Poplar Grove Elementary School is Sharon Olds.[2] Capron Elementary School, the only school in the district located in a village other than Poplar Grove, serves not only the grades K-4, but also includes a prekindergarten program. The current principal is Matt Klett.[3] All students who graduate from one of the district elementary schools will consolidate at the fifth grade in one school, called North Boone Upper Elementary School, whose principal is Mike Greenlee;[4]all students move on to North Boone Middle School, headed by Jeremiah Auble, which educates those in grades seven and eight.[5] The last leg of education this district can provide is to those from grade nine to grade twelve; the facility is called North Boone High School, whose principal is named Jacob Hubert.[6] The current superintendent is Steven Baule.[7] The mascot of the district high school is the Viking.[8]

North Boone High School competes in the Big Northern Conference.

Spring sports include softball, track, and baseball. [9]

As of the ISAT testing scores in 2006, the averages of North Boone Community Unit School District 200, with the exception of the eleventh grade mathematics scores, paralleled or rose just above the state average.

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