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North Bucks & District Football League
DivisionsPremier Division
Intermediate Division
Division One
Division Two
Number of teams48 (32 members) (2017-18)
Level on pyramidLevels 12–15
Promotion toSpartan South Midlands Football League Division Two
United Counties Football League Division One
Domestic cup(s)Inter Divisional Challenge Cup
Premier Division Challenge Trophy
Intermediate Division Challenge Trophy
Division One Challenge Trophy
Division Two Challenge Trophy
Reserve Team Challenge Trophy
Current championsPremier Division - Potterspury (2017–18)

Intermediate Division - Olney (2017–18)

Division One - Bletchley Park (2017–18)

Division Two - Tattenhoe Reserves (2017–18)
WebsiteOfficial website

The North Bucks & District Football League, commonly referred to as simply the North Bucks League, is a competition affiliated to the Berks & Bucks County Football Association featuring amateur association football clubs primarily in Northern Buckinghamshire, England, although there are members from the surrounding counties of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire. The league was established in 1911 and is split into four divisions: the Premier Division, the Intermediate Division, Division One and Division Two, which sit in the 12th to 15th tiers of the English football league system. The Premier Division sits immediately below the lowest level of the National League System – Step 7.


North Bucks & District Football League is located in Buckinghamshire
Santander / Loughton
Santander / Loughton
Bow Brickhill
Bow Brickhill
Brackley Old Boys / Sports
Brackley Old Boys / Sports
Clean Slate
Clean Slate
Great Horwood
Great Horwood
Marsh Gibbon
Marsh Gibbon
Steeple Claydon
Steeple Claydon
Stoke Hammond
Stoke Hammond
Locations of all the league's football clubs for the 2014–15 season in relation to the county of Buckinghamshire.


The North Bucks League's 50 teams are grouped into four divisions: the Premier Division, the Intermediate Division, Division One and Division Two, which are made up of 14, 12, 13 and 11 teams, respectively. In any given season a club plays each of the others in the same division twice, once at their home ground and once at that of their opponents. Many of the league's teams are reserve teams of other North Bucks League clubs and full membership (which gives the right to enter at least one team into competition) stood at 34 for the 2015–16 season and is capped at 44 clubs.[1] Sixteen of the 34 also field a second team, but these second teams are barred from competing in the same division, while any club that fields only one side in the North Bucks League but has a first team at a higher level may not enter a team in the lower two divisions of the North Bucks League.[1]

Clubs gain three points for a win, one for a draw, and none for a defeat. At the end of the season, clubs towards the top of their division may win promotion to the next higher division, while those at the bottom may be relegated to the next lower one. The top club in the Premier Division may be promoted to the Spartan South Midlands Football League Division Two, but in practice application to the South Midlands League is separate from this, and is more dependent on the club facilities rather than league position.[2] Sometimes clubs are promoted to leagues which better suit their location, such as the United Counties Football League Division One for more northerly-based teams. Clubs are promoted to and relegated from the component leagues of the North Bucks League at the end of each season, but relegation from Division Two is not possible because there is no lower-level football competition in the region in the league system. Division size is capped at eighteen.[1]

The more demanding requirements of the South Midlands League have led to some clubs remaining in the North Bucks League despite continued dominance, as they do not meet or do not wish to meet the standards required off the pitch. Other teams have moved to the South Midlands League from a lower level, skipping the Premier Division. Both Bletchley Town and MK Wanderers moved from the North Bucks Division One to the Spartan South Midlands Division Two for the 2008–09 season, although Milton Keynes Wanderers did resign early in the following season after a string of heavy defeats and resumed membership of the North Bucks & District League.


The North Bucks & District Football League organises six knock-out cup competitions: the four Challenge Trophy competitions, the Inter Divisional Challenge Cup and the Reserve Team Challenge Trophy. The Challenge Trophy is open to all of the league's teams, but is split into four sections, so that there is a separate competition for each division. The final of each tournament is played at a neutral venue. The Inter Divisional Challenge Cup – known as the Cowley and Wilson Cup for sponsorship reasons – is competed in by all first-team members of the North Bucks League and was re-introduced for the 2010–11 season. The Reserve Team Challenge Trophy is organised in the same manner as the Inter Divisional Challenge Cup but only the reserve teams are eligible. Additionally, clubs may be invited to play in the Buckingham Charity Cup and can enter County Cups organised by the Berks & Bucks FA, although some teams fall under the auspices of other county authorities. Reserve sides whose first teams compete at a higher level (for example in the Spartan South Midlands League) are not considered reserve sides for the purpose of the 2 inter-divisional cup competitions.


The league was established in 1911 to serve a similar area that it does today.


The League Management Committee meets monthly and consists of the following members:[3]

  • Adam Jeskins – Chairman and Secretary & League Welfare Officer
  • Mick McStraw – Vice-chairman
  • Brenda Sprules – Treasurer and Fixtures Secretary
  • Nicola Mullis – Registration Secretary
  • Stuart Hilton– Referees' Secretary
  • Brian Stuchbury
  • Chris Hodges


Below are listed the member clubs of North Bucks & District Football League for the 2015–16 season.[4] See the 2016-17 results

Premier Division[edit]


Club Founded Affiliation Position
in 2015-16
Brackley Sports 2004 Northamptonshire FA 01111th
Deanshanger Athletic 1946 Northamptonshire FA 0077th
Duston Dynamo's Northamptonshire FA 013New Entry
Great Horwood 1966 Berks & Bucks FA 0022nd
Great Linford 1993 Berks & Bucks FA 01010th
Hanslope 1911 Berks & Bucks FA 0088th
Marsh Gibbon 1938 Berks & Bucks FA 0066th
Potterspury 1980 Northamptonshire FA 0011st
Silverstone 1971 Northamptonshire FA 0033rd
Southcott Village R.A. 1977 Berks & Bucks FA 0122nd Intermediate Division
Stewkley 1946 Berks & Bucks FA 0055th
Towcester Town 1988 Northamptonshire FA 0044th
Twyford United 1903 Northamptonshire FA 0123rd Intermediate Division

Intermediate Division[edit]


Club Founded Affiliation Position
in 2015-16
AFC Santander 1987 Berks & Bucks FA 0045th
Clean Slate Reserves 2010 Berks & Bucks FA 00911th
Great Horwood Reserves 1966 Berks & Bucks FA 0067th
Grendon Rangers Reserves 1947 Berks & Bucks FA 013Withdrew from Intermediate Division
MK Gallacticos Reserves 2008 Berks & Bucks FA 012New Entry
MK Wanderers Berks & Bucks FA 00213th, Premier Division
Potterspury Reserves 1980 Berks & Bucks 0089th
Stoke Hammond Wanderers 2001 Berks & Bucks FA 0034th
Stony Stratford Town 1898 Berks & Bucks FA 013New Entry
Syresham Northamptonshire FA 00112th, Premier Division
Wicken Sports 1964 Northamptonshire FA 0078th
Willen 1989 Berks & Bucks FA 0112nd, Division One
Wing Village Berks & Bucks FA 0101st, Division One
Yardley Gobion 1906 Northamptonshire FA 0056th

Division One[edit]


Club Founded Affiliation Position
in 2015-16
Buckingham United 2011 Berks & Bucks FA 013New Entry
City Colts 'A' 1998 Berks & Bucks FA 0024th
Great Linford Reserves 1993 Berks & Bucks FA 0069th
Olney 2009 Berks & Bucks FA 0058th
Padbury Village 2011 Berks & Bucks FA 0013rd
Scot 1981 Berks & Bucks FA 0114th, Division Two
Southcott Village R.A. Reserves 1977 Berks & Bucks FA 0091st, Division Two
Steeple Claydon 1952 Berks & Bucks FA 0047th
Stewkley Reserves 1946 Berks & Bucks FA 00710th
Stony Stratford Town Reserves 1898 Berks & Bucks FA 012New Entry
Tattenhoe 2006 Berks & Bucks FA 0035th
Towcester Town Reserves 1998 Berks & Bucks FA 0102nd, Division Two
University of Buckingham 2011 Berks & Bucks FA 00811th

Division Two[edit]


Club Founded Affiliation Position
in 2015-16
Brackley Sports Reserves 2004 Northamptonshire FA 0067th
Hanslope Reserves 1911 Berks & Bucks FA 0078th
Marsh Gibbon Reserves 1938 Berks & Bucks FA 0089th
Padbury Village Reserves 2011 Berks & Bucks FA 01111th
Silverstone Reserves 1971 Northamptonshire FA 0056th
Westbury 1948 Berks & Bucks FA 0045th
Wing Village Reserves Berks & Bucks FA 0033rd
Willen Reserves 1989 Berks & Bucks FA 014New Entry
Yardley Gobion Reserves 1906 Northamptonshire FA 01010th
Deanshanger Athletic Reserves 1946 Northamptonshire FA 00212th, Division One
MK Wanderers Reserves Berks & Bucks FA 001Withdrew, Intermediate Division
Tattenhoe Reserves 2006 Berks & Bucks FA 014New Entry
Buckingham United Reserves 2011 Berks & Bucks FA 012New Entry
Steeple Claydon Reserves 1952 Berks & Bucks FA 013New Entry

Notable members[edit]

Current Premier Division sides Bow Brickhill and Buckingham Town Reserves have competed at a higher level.[9] Bow Brickhill spent two years in Spartan South Midlands League Division One, while Buckingham Town's second string spent a year in the United Counties League Division Two before its departure to a dedicated reserve league.

Former members Buckingham Athletic, Buckingham Town, Brackley Town, Olney Town, Mursley United, Cranfield United and Newport Pagnell Wanderers – now called Newport Pagnell Town following a name change – are among the clubs which have competed at a higher level. Buckingham Athletic are currently competing in Spartan South Midlands League Division One and last competed in the North Bucks & District Football League in 1985, having enjoyed membership for seven seasons following relegation from the Hellenic League. Mursley United play in the division below Buckingham Athletic, having left the North Bucks League in 1996, three years after joining it. Buckingham Town, Olney Town and Newport Pagnell compete in the United Counties League, Buckingham Town and Olney in Division One and Newport Pagnell in the Premier Division. Olney were founder members of the North Bucks League in 1911, but left for the East Northants League after the Second World War before returning in the 1930s. The early 1960s saw the club move back to the East Northants League, then known as the Rushden District League. Shortly after that, they gained promotion to the United Counties League, where they have remained ever since. Newport Pagnell joined the North Bucks League after formation in 1963 before gaining promotion in 1972. Brackley Town are the ex-North Bucks League side that play at the highest level; they currently participate in the Conference North and hold the record the ex-North Bucks League member making the longest run in the FA Cup, achieving an appearance in the FA Cup Second Round Proper in 2013. Brackley played in the League in two spells: from post-World War II until 1968 and from 1974 until 1983. Cranfield United, who never won the North Bucks League, has competed in the Spartan South Midlands League Division One but now plays in the Bedfordshire County Football League.

Past winners[edit]


The League originally consisted of just one division. Three seasons of competition were held before the outbreak of the First World War. Competition re-commenced two years after the First World War ended. This is a list of winners for the period in which the League had one division, which ended in 1932.[10]

Year League
1911–12 Cosgrove St Peter
1912–13 Stantonbury St Peter
1913–14 Stantonbury St Peter
1914–20 League suspended due to World War I
1920–21 Newport Autos
1921–22 Newport Autos
1922–23 Wolverton Town
1923–24 Newport Autos
1924–25 Buckingham Town
1925–26 Stony Stratford S.
1926–27 Winslow United
1927–28 Cosgrove St Peter
1928–29 Buckingham Town
1929–30 Bletchley L.M.S.
1930–31 Winslow United
1931–32 Wolverton Town


In 1932, the Second Division was introduced. Seven years later, competition was interrupted by global conflict for the second time in the form of the Second World War. Competition was halted in 1939 and begun again in 1946. This section documents the champions of both divisions until the introduction of a third tier in 1973.[10]

Year Division One Division Two
1932–33 Salmon Sports Olney Town[11]
1933–34 Buckingham Town Newport Athletic
1934–35 Potterspury Wolverton Congs
1935–36 Buckingham Town Cranfield United
1936–37 Buckingham Town Yardley Gobion
1937–38 Potterspury Old Bradwell
1938–39 Stantonbury St Peter Emberton
1939–46 League suspended due to World War II
1946–47 Bletchley L.M.S. Stony Stratford S.
1947–48 Towcester Town Cosgrove St Peter
1948–49 Buckingham Town Roade Cranfield United[12](Shield)
1949–50 Buckingham Town Bletchley B.O.B.B.
1950–51 Deanshanger Athletic[13] Silverstone British Legion
1951–52 Deanshanger Athletic[13] Castlethorpe
1952–53 Deanshanger Athletic[13] Tingewick Sports
1953–54 Castlethorpe C.A.D. Buckingham
1954–55 Deanshanger Athletic[13] Roade
1955–56 Castlethorpe C.A.D. Buckingham Castlethorpe Reserves[14] (Div 3)
1956–57 Deanshanger Athletic[13] Stony Stratford Town
1957–58 Castlethorpe Steeple Claydon
1958–59 Deanshanger Athletic Blakesley & Woodend
1959–60 Deanshanger Athletic[13] Cosgrove St Peter
1960–61 Silverstone British Legion North Crawley Buckingham Athletic[15] (Inter-Div)
1961–62 Olney Town Yardley Gobion
1962–63 Hanslope Syresham
1963–64 Yardley Gobion Mursley United
1964–65 Hanslope Winslow United Newport Pagnell Wanderers[16] (Div 3)
1965–66 Yardley Gobion Roade
1966–67 Towcester Town Newport Pagnell Wanderers
1967–68 Newport Pagnell Wanderers Towcester Town Reserves
1968–69 Newport Pagnell Wanderers Newport Pagnell Wanderers Reserves
1969–70 Newport Pagnell Wanderers Newport Pagnell Wanderers Reserves
1970–71 Yardley Gobion Syresham
1971–72 Sherington Blakesley United
1972–73 Yardley Gobion Cosgrove St Peter


1973 witnessed the introduction of a third division. Named the Premier Division, it sat above Division One and Division Two. This section lists the champions of all three divisions until a fourth tier was introduced in 1994.[10]

Year Premier Division Division One Division Two
League Cup League Cup League Cup
1973–74 Grendon Rangers Yardley Gobion Yardley Gobion Reserves
1974–75 Grendon Rangers Buckingham Town[17] Yardley Gobion Yardley Gobion Reserves
1975–76 Middleton Cheney Yardley Gobion Galley Hill
1976–77 Middleton Cheney Middleton Cheney[18] Galley Hill Blakesley
1977–78 McCorquodale Old Bradwell United North Crawley
1982–83 Newport Town
1983–84 Buckingham Athletic[15]
1984–85 Buckingham Athletic[15]
1988–89 Shenley & Loughton[19]
1989–90 Kettering Nomads[20]
1992–93 Stewkley[21]
1993–94 Stewkley[21]


The most recent expansion of the league involved the introduction of a fourth division, the Intermediate Division, in 1994.[10]

Year Premier Division Intermediate Division Division One Division Two
League Cup League Cup League Cup League Cup
1994–95 Potterspury Mursley United Potterspury Reserves Milton Keynes Athletic Reserves
1995–96 Potterspury
1996–97 Newport Athletic Milton Keynes Athletic Westbury Sherington
1997–98 Padbury United[22]
1998–99 Padbury United[22]
1999–00 Padbury United[22]
2001–02 Deanshanger Athletic[13] Deanshanger Athletic[13]
2002–03 Deanshanger Athletic[13] Deanshanger Athletic[13] Castlethorpe[23]
2003–04 PB (Milton Keynes)[24] or
Steeple Claydon Reserves[25]
2004–05 Steeple Claydon[25] Stewkley[21] Heath Panthers United[26] PB (Milton Keynes)[24] Loughton Athletic[27] Brickhill Rangers[28] Brickhill Rangers[28]
2005–06 Potterspury PB (Milton Keynes)[24] Brickhill Rangers[28] Brickhill Rangers[28] Brackley Sports Reserves[29]
2006–07 PB (Milton Keynes)[30] PB (Milton Keynes) Thornborough Athletic[31] Brackley Sports Reserves[29] Great Linford Lavendon Sports Reserves[30]
2007–08 PB (Milton Keynes)[32] PB (Milton Keynes) Brickhill Rangers[32] Rangers XI[32] Wolverton Town Wolverton Town Reserves[32] E&H
2008–09 Lavendon Sports[33] Brickhill Rangers[34] Sherington[33] Sherington[35] Woburn Sands Wanderers[33] Westbury[33] Heath Panthers United
2009–10 Steeple Claydon[25][36] Potterspury[36] Heath Panthers United[36] Heath Panthers United Stewkley Reserves[21][36]


At the end of the 2009–10 season, the League decided to re-introduce the Inter Divisional Cup for the 2010–11 season.[37]

Year Premier Division Intermediate Division Division One Division Two Inter Divisional Cup
League Cup League Cup League Cup League Cup
2010–11 Brackley Sports[38] Hale Leys United[39] Milton Keynes Wanderers Reserves[38] Great Linford[39] Celtic Milton Keynes[38] Celtic Milton Keynes[39] Olney Town Colts[38] Olney Town Colts[39] Potterspury[39]
2011–12 Milton Keynes Wanderers Reserves[40] Potterspury[41] Great Horwood[40] Great Horwood [42] Potterspury Reserves[40] Charlton & District[43] City Colt Reserves[40] Wolverton Town Reserves[44] Potterspury[41]
2012–13 Potterspury[45] Loughton Manor Woburn Sands Wanderers[45] Denbigh Hall Sports & Social Bow Brickhill Reserves[45] Bow Brickhill Reserves Comet MK[45] Comet MK City Colts
2013–14 City Colts Potterspury Deanshanger Athletic Milton Keynes Titans Stantonbury Social Elite Stantonbury Social Elite Syresham Reserves Syresham Reserves Stantonbury Social Elite
2014–15 Potterspury Loughton Manor Milton Keynes Titans Southcott Village Residents Association Twyford United Syresham Reserves Milton Keynes Wanderers 'A' City Colts 'A' Milton Keynes Wanderers
2015–16 Potterspury Potterspury Milton Keynes Gallacticos Milton Keynes Gallacticos Wing Village University of Buckingham Southcott Village Residents Association Reserves Padbury Village Reserves Towcester Town
2016–17 Potterspury Great Horwood Wing Village Willen City Colts City Colts Hanslope Reserves MK Wanderers Reserves Great Horwood
2017–18 Potterspury Duston Dynamo's Olney Stoke Hammond Wanderers Bletchley Park Buckingham United Tattenhoe Reserves Tattenhoe Reserves Silverstone

Titles by club[edit]

This is an incomplete list of clubs that have been North Bucks League champions in order of success.

Club Titles Years
Potterspury 10 1934–35, 1937–38, 1994–95, 1995–96, 2005–06, 2012–13, 2014–15, 2015–16, 2016–17, 2017–18
Deanshanger Athletic 9 1950–51, 1951–52, 1952–53, 1954–55, 1956–57, 1958–59, 1959–60, 2001–02, 2002–03
Buckingham Town 7 1924–25, 1928–29, 1933–34, 1935–36, 1936–37, 1948–49, 1949–50
Yardley Gobion 4 1963–64, 1965–66, 1970–71, 1972–73
Castlethorpe 3 1953–54, 1955–56, 1957–58
Newport Autos 3 1920–21, 1921–22, 1923–24
Newport Pagnell Town 3 1967–68, 1968–69, 1969–70
Stantonbury St Peter 3 1912–13, 1913–14, 1938–39
Bletchley L.M.S. 2 1929–30, 1946–47
Cosgrove St Peter 2 1911–12, 1927–28
Grendon Rangers 2 1973–74, 1974–75
Hanslope 2 1962–63, 1964–65
Middleton Cheney 2 1975–76, 1976–77
PB (Milton Keynes) 2 2006–07, 2007–08
Padbury United 2 1997–98, 1998–99
Steeple Claydon 2 2004–05, 2009–10
Stewkley 2 1992–93, 1993–94
Towcester Town 2 1947–48, 1966–67
Winslow United 2 1926–27, 1930–31
Wolverton Town 2 1922–23, 1931–32
Brackley Sports 1 2010–11
Buckingham Athletic 1 1984–85
City Colts 1 2013–14
Kettering Nomads 1 1989–90
Lavendon Sports 1 2008–09
McCorquodale 1 1977–78
Milton Keynes Wanderers 1 2011–12
Newport Town 1 1982–83
Newport Athletic 1 1996–97
Olney Town 1 1961–62
Salmon Sports 1 1932–33
Shenley & Loughton 1 1988–89
Sherington 1 1972–73
Silverstone British Legion 1 1960–61
Stony Stratford S. 1 1925–26

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