North Caicos

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North Caicos
Shore of North Caicos.jpg
North Caicos Shore
North Caicos is located in Turks and Caicos Islands
North Caicos
North Caicos
The location of North Caicos within the Turks and Caicos Islands
North Caicos is located in Caribbean
North Caicos
North Caicos
North Caicos (Caribbean)
LocationAtlantic Ocean
Coordinates21°53′29″N 71°56′46″W / 21.89139°N 71.94611°W / 21.89139; -71.94611Coordinates: 21°53′29″N 71°56′46″W / 21.89139°N 71.94611°W / 21.89139; -71.94611
ArchipelagoLucayan Archipelago
Area116.4 km2 (44.9 sq mi)
United Kingdom
British Overseas TerritoryTurks and Caicos Islands
Population1,312 (2012 census)
Additional information
Time zone
 • Summer (DST)
ISO codeTC
Official nameNorth, Middle & East Caicos Islands
Designated27 June 1990
Reference no.493[1]

North Caicos is the second-largest island in the Turks and Caicos Islands (after Middle Caicos). To the west, the Caicos Cays (the closest is Parrot Cay) link to Providenciales. To the east, it is separated from Middle Caicos by Juniper Hole, a narrow passage that can accommodate only small boats. A 1-mile causeway connects North Caicos to Middle Caicos.


North Caicos has an area of 116.4 km² within the high water mark, and of 207.1 km² within the shoreline. The difference between the two values is not accounted for as land area. Sights on or near the island include Cottage Pond, Wade's Green Plantation, Flamingo Pond Overlook, and the tiny Three Marys Cays (0.64 ha) a approximately 20 metres off the northwestern shore. North Caicos is 12 miles from Providenciales, which offers daily ferry trips to the island.

Together with Parrot Cay (4.9 km²), and Bay Cay off the eastern shore (at 12.9 km² the sixth-largest island of the territory) and a few more uninhabited offshore cays, it forms the North Caicos District, with an area of 144.9 km².


The population was 1,312 at the 2012 census.[2]

North Caicos Towns[edit]

Bottle Creek[edit]

With a population of 907 people, Bottle Creek is the island’s main village. It is also the district capital and the home of the island’s various government offices, its utility companies and its high school. There are a number of old plantation areas situated along the King’s Road between Bottle Creek and the causeway to Middle Caicos.


Located between the protected snorkeling area of Three Mary Cays[3] and Horsestable Beach, Whitby is a small seaside village on North Caicos' Northern shore.


This inland village is one of the oldest towns in the Turks and Caicos. It is known for being the centre of the archipelago’s farming community. Kew is also the home of the Wades Green Plantation, a historic tourist site.[4] The village has a population of 400.

Sandy Point[edit]

This tiny village is located at the northwestern tip of the island facing Parrot Cay.[5] It hosts the North Caicos Yacht Club. It is the location of Sandy Point Marina, where ferry services from Providenciales arrive.



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