North Carolina's 13th congressional district

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North Carolina's 13th congressional district
North Carolina US Congressional District 13 (since 2013).tif
North Carolina's 13th congressional district - since January 3, 2013.
Current Representative Ted Budd (RAdvance)
Cook PVI R+9[1]

The Thirteenth congressional district of North Carolina was re-established in 2002 after the state gained population in the 2000 United States Census. Previously, the state had 13 districts from the first election following the 1810 United States Census until the reapportionment following the 1840 United States Census.

From 2003 to 2013 the district included most of northern Wake County, all of Person and Caswell counties as well as parts of Rockingham, Granville, Guilford, and Alamance counties.

However, reapportionment after the 2010 census shifted the district more to the south and east. As a result, it lost its share of Alamance, Caswell, Guilford, Person, and Rockingham counties. In place of those five counties, portions of Durham, Edgecombe, Franklin, Nash, Vance, Wayne, and Wilson counties were added. More of Wake County and less of Granville County were also included. While Barack Obama carried the old 13th with 59 percent of the vote in 2008, John McCain would have won it with 54 percent of the vote had it existed under the new lines.

As a result, Congressman Brad Miller (Democrat), who represented the district from its creation in 2003, announced he would not seek re-election to office in 2012.[2][3] From 2013 to 2017, the district was represented by Republican George Holding.

After a mid-decade redistricting, most of the old 13th was essentially merged with the old 2nd District. A new 13th was created, stretching from the northern suburbs of Charlotte to Greensboro. Republican Ted Budd became the first congressman from this new district.

The district from 2003 to 2013

Voting for President[edit]

Election results from presidential races
Year Office Results
2012 President Romney 56 - 42%
2008 President Obama 59 - 40%
2004 President Kerry 52 - 47%
2000 President Bush 50 - 49%

List of representatives[edit]

Name Took Office Left Office Party District Residence Notes
District created March 4, 1813
No image.svg Meshack Franklin March 4, 1813 March 3, 1815 Democratic-Republican Redistricted from the 12th district
No image.svg Lewis Williams March 4, 1815 March 3, 1823 Democratic-Republican
March 4, 1823 March 3, 1825 Crawford D-R
March 4, 1825 March 3, 1829 Adams
March 4, 1829 March 3, 1837 Anti-Jacksonian
March 4, 1837 February 23, 1842 Whig Died
No image.svg Anderson Mitchell April 27, 1842 March 3, 1843 Whig
District eliminated as of March 3, 1843
District re-established January 3, 2003
Congressman Brad Miller 2012.jpg Brad Miller January 3, 2003 January 3, 2013 Democratic Raleigh Retired
George Holding.jpg George Holding January 3, 2013 January 3, 2017 Republican Raleigh Redistricted to the 2nd district
Ted Budd official congressional photo.jpg Ted Budd January 3, 2017 Republican Davie County Incumbent

Election results[edit]

Year Democratic Republican Libertarian
2002 Brad Miller: 100,287 Carolyn W. Grant: 77,688 Alex MacDonald: 5,295  
2004 Brad Miller: 160,896 Virginia Johnson: 112,788  
2006 Brad Miller: 98,540 Vernon Robinson: 56,120  
2008 Brad Miller: 221,379 Hugh Webster: 114,383  
2010 Brad Miller: 116,103 William Randall: 93,099  
2012 Charles Malone: 160,115 George Holding: 210,495  


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