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The North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance regulates the insurance industry in North Carolina, licenses insurance professionals in the state, educates consumers about different types of insurance, and handles consumer complaints. The Commissioner also oversees the Office of the State Fire Marshal, which is responsible for a host of other services that affect North Carolinians’ daily lives. The current Commissioner is Mike Causey, who has served as Commissioner since January 2017.

Prior to 1899, the supervision of insurance companies in the state was in the hands of the North Carolina Secretary of State. In 1899, the North Carolina General Assembly created the position of insurance commissioner, which has been popularly elected since 1908. [1]

List of Commissioners of Insurance[edit]

  • James R. Young, 1899–1921 (Democratic)
  • Stacey W. Wade, 1921–1927 (Democratic)
  • Daniel C. Boney, 1927–1942 (Democratic)
  • William P. Hodges, 1942–1949 (Democratic)
  • Waldo C. Cheek, 1949–1953 (Democratic)
  • Charles F. Gold, 1953–1962 (Democratic)
  • Edwin S. Lanier, 1962–1973 (Democratic)
  • John R. Ingram, 1973–1985 (Democratic)
  • James E. Long, 1985–2009 (Democratic)
  • Wayne Goodwin, 2009–2017 (Democratic)
  • Mike Causey, 2017–present (Republican)[2]

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