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NC Highway 98 marker

NC Highway 98
Route information
Maintained by NCDOT
Length: 43.7 mi[1] (70.3 km)
Existed: 1934 – present
Major junctions
West end:
US 15 Bus. / US 501 Bus. / US 70 Bus. in Durham
  US 70 in Durham
US 1 in Wake Forest
US 1A in Wake Forest
US 401 near Youngsville
East end:
US 64 Alt. / NC 231 near Spring Hope
Counties: Durham, Wake, Franklin, Nash
Highway system
NC 97 NC 99

North Carolina Highway 98 (NC 98) is a 45-mile (72 km) North Carolina state highway and a semi-urban traffic artery connecting Durham to Wake Forest as well as many small-to-medium-sized towns in the north portion of The Triangle region. A bypass was recently completed around Wake Forest to the south, which made the old route passing through town become NC 98 Business.

Route description[edit]

The eastern terminus of NC 98 begins at US 64 Alternate Alternate and the northern terminus of NC 231 just west of Spring Hope. The highway travels west to Bunn, where it merges with NC 39. NC 98 breaks off in the center of town and continues west to Wake Forest, crossing over US 401 and NC 96 on opposite sides of the Franklin/Wake County line.

The bypass and business routes split at Jones Dairy Road upon entering Wake Forest, with the bypass staying straight meeting with US 1A (South Main Street) a little ways up. Until recently, the NC 98 Bypass ended at US 1 (Capital Boulevard) and followed the highway north to the original exit (now for NC 98 Business and NC 98 West). However, in September 2010, the bypass was extended to the original NC 98 a few miles east of US 1. From there, NC 98 continues west towards Durham.

The highway will go under the US 70 on its way to downtown Durham and junction with US 70 Bus (North Miami Boulevard). The two highways will run concurrent (Holloway Street), continuing west to cross over NC 55 and meet with US 15 Bus/US 501 Bus (North Roxboro Street) coming into downtown Durham. NC 98 terminates there as US 70 Business proceeds straight.


NC 98 was established in 1934 as a renumbering of a section of NC 581; from NC 91 (Jones Dairy Road), in Wake Forst, to US 64, west of Spring Hope. In 1940, it was truncated to a relocated NC 91 (Zebulon Road), with its routing west into Wake Forest becoming part of NC 91.[2] In 1941, NC 98 was extended north as a new primary routing to US 1, in Youngsville.[3] In 1952, NC 98 was rerouted west again through Wake Forest and end in Durham, replacing NC 264; its former alignment became part of NC 96.[4]

In 1975, NC 98 was rerouted in Durham: replacing the old alignment to US 15 Bus./US 501 Bus. via Miami Boulevard and Greer Street, to Holloway Street (westbound)/Chapel Hill Street-Liberty Street (eastbound) and its current western terminus.[5] In 1978, NC 98 replaced part of US 64's routing to its current eastern terminus.[6][7] In 1981, part of NC 98 was abandon and placed on new construction as a result of the creation of Falls Lake; remnants of the old alignment that were not submerged became secondary roads.[8] In 2006, NC 98 was rerouted south along US 1 and onto a new four-lane bypass south of Wake Forest to Jones Dairy Road; its old alignment becoming NC 98 Business.[9] In 2011, NC 98 was removed from Wake Union Church Road and US 1 and placed onto new construction east of Falls of Neuse Road; NC 98 Business was also realigned, starting further east along a new alignment of Durham Road.[10]

The first NC 98 was established in 1930 as a new primary routing from NC 91, near Wilson, to NC 102, near Snow Hill. In 1931, it was decommissioned in favor of becoming part of NC 58.[11]

North Carolina Highway 264[edit]

NC Highway 264
Location: ZebulonDurham, NC
Length: 44.5 mi[12] (71.6 km)
Existed: 1941–1952

North Carolina Highway 264 (NC 264) was formed in 1941 as a renumbering of NC 91. It went from the intersection at Roxboro and Greer streets in Durham to US 64/US 264 in Zebulon.[3] It was renumbered in 1952. The route from current NC 98 to Zebulon was renumbered as NC 96. The rest of the route was renumbered as NC 98.[4]

Junction list[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Durham Durham 0.0 0.0
US 15 Bus. / US 501 Bus. south (Mangum Street) / US 70 Bus. west (Morgan Street)
NC 98 eastbound begin on Chapel Hill Street; NC 98 westbound end on Mangum Street
US 70 Bus westbound overlap ends
0.2 0.3
US 15 Bus. / US 501 Bus. north (Roxboro Street)
One block eastbound overlap with US 15 Bus/US 501 Bus along Roxboro Street
US 70 Bus eastbound overlap begins
0.9 1.4 NC 55 (Alston Avenue)
1.8 2.9
US 70 Bus. east (Miami Boulevard)
East end of US 70 Bus overlap
2.2 3.5 US 70 – Raleigh, Burlington Partial cloverleaf interchange
Wake   12.4 20.0 NC 50 (Creedmoor Road) – Raleigh, Creedmoor Cloverleaf interchange
Wake Forest 20.0 32.2
NC 98 Bus. east (Durham Road)
21.0 33.8 US 1 (Capital Boulevard) – Raleigh, Henderson SPUI
22.3 35.9 US 1A (Main Street) – Wake Forest
23.8 38.3
NC 98 Bus. west (Wait Avenue)
  27.1 43.6 NC 96 (Zebulon Road) – Zebulon, Youngsville
Franklin   29.1 46.8 US 401 – Rolesville, Raleigh, Louisburg
Bunn 37.6 60.5 NC 39 north (Main Street) – Louisburg North end of NC 39 overlap
38.4 61.8 NC 39 south (Main Street) – Pilot South end of NC 39 overlap
Nash   43.7 70.3
US 64 Alt. / NC 231 south to US 64 – Middlesex, Spring Hope
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

Wake Forest business loop[edit]

NC Highway 98 Business
Location: Wake Forest, North Carolina
Length: 4.1 mi[13] (6.6 km)
Existed: 2006–present

North Carolina Highway 98 Business (NC 98 Bus) was established in 2006, the 4.1 miles (6.6 km) route goes through downtown Wake Forest via Durham Road, South Avenue, Roosevelt Avenue, and Wait Avenue.

Route Description[edit]

NC 98 Business begins at the NC 98/Falls of the Neuse Road intersection just north of Wakefield. The road runs northeast along the western edge of the Crenshaw Hall Plantation neighborhood. After about a half of a mile the road turns a more eastern direction following the old routing of NC 98 (Durham Road). The road has an interchange with US 1 (Capital Boulevard) in the western sections of Wake Forest. NC 98 Business continues to the east toward downtown Wake Forest. Once reaching downtown the road runs along the southern side of the Southeastern Baptist Seminary before having a round-a-bout intersection with US 1A. US 1A joins NC 98 Business and continues along the eastern side of the seminary. NC 98 Business turns right onto Roosevelt Avenue and enters into Downtown Wake Forest. The road merges into Wait Avenue and continues east out of downtown Wake Forest. Just before the road ends at NC 98 the road makes a 90 degree right turn before ending at the NC 98/Jones Dairy Road/NC 98 Business intersections. The road name Wait Avenue continues along NC 98 east.


NC 98 Business was first created running along Wait Avenue through Downtown and met NC 98 at the US 1A round-a-bout. This was a renumbering of NC 98 as the first sections of the Wake Forest bypass were put into place. As NC 98 was expanded to US 1, NC 98 Business expanded to cover all of the previous NC 98 routing east of US 1 and west of Jones Dairy Road. In September 2010 the third segment of NC 98 was opened from US 1 to Thompson Mill Road with the old routing between Thompson Mill Road and Fawn Drive being torn up and replaced with new routing which became NC 98 Business.[9][10]

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