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The North Carolina State Auditor is a statewide elected office in the U.S. state of North Carolina. The State Auditor is responsible for overseeing and reviewing the financial accounts of all state government agencies. The position is currently held by Beth Wood.

Although the position of state auditor dates back at least to 1862, the Office of the State Auditor was created by the North Carolina Constitution of 1868, by which it became an elected office. Prior to 1862, the North Carolina General Assembly appointed state comptrollers and boards of auditors in various parts of the state.[1]

List of North Carolina State Auditors[edit]

Auditors of Public Accounts[edit]

# Office Holder Term of Office Political Party
1 Samuel F. Phillips 1862–1864 Appointed, not elected
2 Richard H. Battle 1864–1865 Appointed, not elected

State Auditors[edit]

# Office Holder Term of Office Political Party
3 Henderson Adams 1868–1873 Republican[2]
4 John Reilly 1873–1877 Republican[3]
5 Samuel L. Love 1877–1881 Democratic[4]
6 William Paul Roberts 1881–1889 Democratic[5]
7 George W. Sandlin 1889–1893
8 Robert M. Furman 1893–1897 Democratic[6]
9 Hal W. Ayer 1897–1901 Populist[7]
10 Benjamin F. Dixon 1901–1910 Democratic[8]
11 Benjamin F. Dixon, Jr. 1910–1911 Democratic
12 William Wood 1911–1921 Democratic
13 Baxter Durham 1921–1937 Democratic
14 George Ross Pou 1937–1947 Democratic
15 Henry L. Bridges 1947–1981 Democratic
16 Edward Renfrow 1981–1993 Democratic
17 Ralph Campbell, Jr. 1993–2005 Democratic
18 Les Merritt 2005–2009 Republican
19 Beth Wood 2009–present Democratic


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