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This article regards brewing in North Carolina.


The earliest documented commercial brewery in North Carolina was at the Single Brothers' House in the Moravian colony of Salem. According to the minutes of the colony, in 1773 "the wish was expressed that we should plan for the building of a brewery in town, and that less strong drink should be distilled; for beer would be much more wholesome for our Brethren, and the neighbors would buy it in quantity."[1] The minutes report that the brewery was operational by 1774.[2]

In 1985 Uli Bennewitz pushed a change in the North Carolina law books. This change made it legal for a brewpub to exist under state laws. The next year (1986) Bennewitz goes on to start NC's first brewpub, Weeping Radish Bavarian Restaurant.

On August 13, 2005, House Bill 392 from the NC General Assembly was signed by then-Governor Michael F. Easley. HB 392 (commonly known as the "Pop The Cap" Bill[3] ) defined a "malt beverage" as any "beer, lager, malt liquor, ale, porter, and any other brewed or fermented beverage" that contained between .5% and 16% alcohol by volume.[4] This represented an increase from the previous limit of 6%. As of 2017, there were 204 active breweries in North Carolina.[5]


  • Biltmore Brewing Company – Asheville[6]
  • Bourbon County Brewery – High Point[7]
  • Bulgarian Brewing Company – Greensboro[8]
  • Cavendish Brewery – Gastonia[9]
  • Good Vibes Brewing Company – Carolina Beach, Wilmington[10]
  • Kernersville Brewing Company – Kernersville[11]
  • Kind Beers – Charlotte[12]
  • Little City Brewing Company – Raleigh[13]
  • Lumina Winery & Brewery – Wilmington[14]
  • Mansfield Brewery – Greensboro[15]
  • Rusted Mill Artisan Ales – Gastonia[16]
  • Salud Beer Shop Nanobrewery – Charlotte[17]

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