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This article is about political group of regions by a Presidential Decree. For geographical region, see North Caucasus.
This article is about the federal district created in 2010. For North Caucasian Federal District created in 2000, see Southern Federal District. For the administrative division of Krasnodar Krai, see Kavkazsky District.

Coordinates: 43°42′41″N 44°48′22″E / 43.7114°N 44.8061°E / 43.7114; 44.8061

North Caucasian Federal District
Северо-Кавказский федеральный округ
Federal district of Russia
Location of the North Caucasian Federal District
Location of the North Caucasian Federal District
Country  Russia
Established January 19, 2010
Administrative center Pyatigorsk
 • Presidential Envoy Sergei Melikov
 • Total 170,700 km2 (65,900 sq mi)
Area rank 8th
Population (2010 Census[1])
 • Total 9,428,826
 • Rank 7th
 • Density 55/km2 (140/sq mi)
 • Urban 49.2%[1]
 • Rural 50.8%[1]
Federal subjects 7 contained
Economic regions 1 contained

North Caucasian Federal District (Russian: Се́веро-Кавка́зский федера́льный о́круг, Severo-Kavkazsky federalny okrug) is one of the nine federal districts of Russia. It is located in the extreme southwest of Russia, in the geographical area of the North Caucasus. The federal district was split from Southern Federal District on January 19, 2010.[2]

The population of the federal subjects comprising the federal district was 9,428,826 according to the 2010 Census,[1] living on an area of 170,700 square kilometers (65,900 sq mi).[citation needed]

The current Envoy is Sergei Melikov.


Ethnic Russians constitute less than one-third of the total population at 2,854,040 (30.26 %) according to the 2010 Census, and are concentrated in Stavropol Krai. A diverse assortment of ethnic groups, most of which are Muslim, form the remainder, and the North Caucasus Federal District is Russia's only Muslim-majority district.

Federal subjects[edit]

North Caucasian Federal District
The map and key are listed in Russian alphabetical order.
# Flag Federal subject Area in
2010 Census
Jan. 1, 2012
Capital/administrative center
1 Flag of Dagestan.svg Republic of Dagestan 50,300 2,910,249 2,931,291 Makhachkala
2 Flag of Ingushetia.svg Republic of Ingushetia 3,750 412,520 429,458 Magas
3 Flag of Kabardino-Balkaria.svg Kabardino-Balkar Republic 12,500 859,939 859,149 Nalchik
4 Flag of Karachay-Cherkessia.svg Karachay-Cherkess Republic 14,100 477,859 474,787 Cherkessk
5 Flag of North Ossetia.svg Republic of North Ossetia-Alania 8,000 712,980 709,398 Vladikavkaz
6 Flag of Stavropol Krai.svg Stavropol Krai 66,500 2,786,281 2,786,727 Stavropol
7 Flag of the Chechen Republic.svg Chechen Republic 17,300 1,268,989 1,303,423 Grozny
Total fertility rate

2009 - 1.95 | 2010 - 1.99 | 2011 - 2.01 | 2012 - 2.00 | 2013 - 1.99 | 2014 - 2.03

Presidential plenipotentiary envoys[edit]

  1. Alexander Khloponin (January 19, 2010–12 May 2014[3])[4]

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