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The North Central Conference was an OHSAA athletic league whose final remaining members were located in northwest and north-central Ohio. The league's last day of operation was June 30, 2014.

The following schools were members at the time the league folded:

League membership 2011-2013
School Nickname Location Colors[1] Type Joined League
Buckeye Central Bucks New Washington Scarlet, Gray
Public 1962
Bucyrus Redmen Bucyrus Red, White
Public 2002
Colonel Crawford Eagles North Robinson Black, Gold
Public 1962
Crestline Bulldogs Crestline Blue, White
Public 1990
Galion Tigers Galion Orange, Blue
Public 2011
Riverdale Falcons Mount Blanchard (Delaware Twp.) Royal Blue, White
Public 1962
Upper Sandusky Rams Upper Sandusky Black, Orange
Public 2011
Wynford Royals Bucyrus Royal Blue, Gray
Public 1963

Former members[edit]

All-time members of the NCC
School Nickname Location Colors[1] Type Tenure
Carey Blue Devils Carey Blue, White
Public 1963–1990
Elgin Comets Marion Scarlet, Gray
Public 1962–1990
Fredericktown Freddies Fredericktown Red, Gray
Public 1990–1999
Lucas Cubs Lucas Orange, Black
Public 1998-2013
Mohawk Warriors Sycamore Red, Black, White
Public 1962–1990
Ontario Warriors Ontario Blue, Gold
Public 1990-2013
Pleasant Spartans Marion Red, Black
Public 1962–1990
Ridgedale Rockets Morral Columbia Blue, Red
Public 1962–1990
River Valley Vikings Caledonia Blue, Gold
Public 1962–1990

League history[edit]

The conference's first year was in the 1962-63 school year. The original members were: Buckeye Central, Colonel Crawford, Elgin, Mohawk, Pleasant, Ridgedale, River Valley and Riverdale. Carey and Wynford joined the NCC for the 1963-64 school year.

The league remained consistent until the 1990-91 school year when Elgin, Pleasant, Ridgedale and River Valley joined the newly formed Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference; Carey and Mohawk left for the Midland Athletic League; while Crestline, Fredericktown and Ontario joined the NCC. Lucas joined the NCC for the 1998-99 school year, while Fredericktown left for the Mid-Buckeye Conference in 1999-00. Bucyrus joined the NCC for the 2002-03 school year, bringing the NCC to an eight team format.

Upper Sandusky High School and Galion High School were voted in as the league's ninth and tenth members on February 5 and March 4 of 2009.[2][3] Both began league competition for the 2011-12 school year.

In September 2011, the NCC was contacted by Loudonville and Willard for potential membership down the road.[4] Loudonville's league was going to be down to two members in 2013 and Willard's shrinking enrollment had them considering options outside of the Northern Ohio League. Willard ultimately decided to remain in the NOL.

On December 1, 2011, Bucyrus, Buckeye Central, Colonel Crawford, Crestline, Riverdale, and Wynford announced they would be leaving the NCC to help form the new Northern 10 Athletic Conference in 2014 with Carey, Mohawk, Seneca East and Ridgedale.[5] With just 4 members remaining (Galion, Lucas, Ontario, and Upper Sandusky) the league subsequently folded after the 2013-14 school year on June 30, 2014.

Both Upper Sandusky and Galion were invited to join the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference in early 2012 as Red Division members, with both schools intended to replace Ridgedale in 2014.[6] On February 26, 2012, Lucas announced it would leave the NCC a year before the league dissolved.[7] They applied to join the Mid-Buckeye Conference and were granted membership for 2013.[8] Ontario also announced in March 2012 that they would join the Northern Ohio League in 2013.[9]

In April 2013, Riverdale was invited to join the Blanchard Valley Conference (BVC), which is primarily made up of other schools located in Hancock County. Riverdale accepted the invitation and joined the BVC before the N10 began athletic competition.[10] As a result of Riverdale's departure from its N10 commitment, and despite a report that Upper Sandusky will bypass joining the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference,[11] the Rams will play the fall season in the MOAC before moving to the Northern 10 in the winter of the 2014-15 school year.[12]

Football champions[edit]

Year Champions
1962 Mohawk, Riverdale, River Valley
1963 Ridgedale
1964 Riverdale
1965 Elgin
1966 River Valley
1967 Elgin
1968 Riverdale
1969 Pleasant
1970 Pleasant
1971 Pleasant
1972 Pleasant
1973 River Valley
1974 Buckeye Central
1975 Carey
1976 Pleasant
1977 River Valley
1978 Carey, Colonel Crawford
1979 Carey, Colonel Crawford
1980 Colonel Crawford, Wynford
1981 Buckeye Central
1982 Pleasant
1983 Elgin
1984 Colonel Crawford, River Valley
1985 Buckeye Central, Pleasant
1986 Carey, Colonel Crawford, River Valley
1987 Wynford
1988 Elgin, Wynford
1989 Pleasant
1990 Fredricktown, Wynford
1991 Riverdale
1992 Colonel Crawford
1993 Crestline, Colonel Crawford
1994 Buckeye Central
1995 Buckeye Central
1996 Crestline
1997 Wynford
1998 Wynford
1999 Wynford
2000 Crestline
2001 Ontario
2002 Wynford
2003 Ontario
2004 Ontario
2005 Wynford
2006 Wynford
2007 Wynford
2008 Wynford
2009 Wynford
2010 Wynford
2011 Wynford
2012 Galion
2013 Colonel Crawford, Galion

Championships by school[edit]

Team Championships
Wynford 15
Colonel Crawford 8
Pleasant 8
River Valley 6
Buckeye Central 5
Carey 4
Elgin 4
Riverdale 4
Crestline 3
Ontario 3
Mohawk 1
Ridgedale 1


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