North Central High School (Farmersburg, Indiana)

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North Central Jr./Sr. High School
North Central high school mural.jpg
North Central high school mural
910 E. Co. Rd. 975 N.
Farmersburg, Indiana, Sullivan County 47850
United States
Coordinates 39°13′30″N 87°23′26″W / 39.225087°N 87.390451°W / 39.225087; -87.390451Coordinates: 39°13′30″N 87°23′26″W / 39.225087°N 87.390451°W / 39.225087; -87.390451
Type Public high school
Motto "We are one."
Established 1957-1958
Locale Small Town
School district Northeast School Corporation
Dean Mr. Travis Nolting
Principal Mr. Monty Kirk
Faculty 25 certified teachers, 2 administrators, 3 certified non-teaching positions
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 303[1] (2014-2015)
Athletics conference Southwestern Indiana Conference
Mascot Thunderbirds


North Central Jr/Sr high school is located south of Farmersburg, Indiana on US Highway 41. If you are looking for it, it can be found just across from the Brampton Brick factory and just south of the WTWO News Channel TWO station. The school celebrated its 50th year of service in 2007-08. It is currently the only high school and one of 4 schools in the Northeast school corporation of Sullivan County, IN.

North Central's mascot is the Thunderbirds, named for all the explosions that came from the old Thunderbird Mine, that operated nearby Farmersburg and Shelburn, Indiana at the time of the start of the school.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

North Central offers a number of Extracurricular activities. The junior high has activities such as a SADD club, a junior Beta club, tutoring, and a drama club. The Senior High offers many of the same activities such as a SADD club and a Beta club along with tutoring and drama, whose play this fall will be "The Clumsy Custard Horror Show and Ice Cream Clone Review", but also has some others such as weightlifting and a color guard.

Also the choir boosters sponsor a yearly play for students to try out for and perform in front of audience members after weeks of practice and training. The junior high choir is also starting a show choir to run in six week sessions to give the opportunity to kids in different sports to participate in their off-seasons.

North Central also has a yearly musical production put on by the choral and drama departments of the school with the cast consisting of students in the choral or drama programs. This year's production will be Beauty And The Beast.

Harmony Electronic Gradebook[edit]

In the 2008-09 school year North Central began using a new electronic gradebook for all of the classes and parents can look at their children's grades online on the corporation's website by using a login and password sent the parents in the beginning of the seconds semester of classes and can check each classes assignments and look at the specific grades for the class. Teachers are being encouraged to keep the online grades up to date and starting in the fall of 2009 will be encouraged to put each nights homework assignments on the program so that the parents can see what the kids are supposed to be doing each night.


North Central is a Class A school with Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) membership. The school was formerly a member of the Tri-River Conference until it disbanded in 2010. The school's athletic programs now participate as a member of the Southwestern Indiana Conference.

North Central (Farmersburg) Athletics
Sport Coach Season Record
Boys Football Coach Travis Nolting Fall 32-17
Girls Golf Vicki Ficklin Fall Unknown
Boys Tennis John Caton Fall Unknown
Girls Volleyball Lyndsey Cummings Fall 13-2
Coed Cross Country Jeff Ransford Fall Unknown
Boys Basketball Mr. Pherson Winter 2-
Girls Basketball Joey Davidson Winter 5-2
Boys Golf Aaron Greve Spring Unknown
Boys Baseball Ryan Gilman Spring 13-6
Girls Softball Erica Arnold Spring Unknown
Coed Track Jamie Huff Spring Unknown

School song[edit]

North Centrals fight song is an edited-version of the Notre Dame fight song.

"North Central High Fight Song Lyrics"

Cheer, Cheer, for North Central High!
We'll never falter. We'll never die!
If you Thunderbirds Go, Fight, Win!
We'll have a victory in the end!
Ba Da Da!
Wave your banner carry them high!
We'll always fight for our green and white!
We'll back central all the way!
Fight for North Central High!
Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds, Fight, Fight, Fight!
Thunderbirds, Thunderbirds, Win Tonight!


These are some statistics of the school as off of the Indiana Department of Education website

Student Migration[edit]

  • 2006-07 to 2007-08[2]
  • Farmersburg Elementary School 41 Pupils
  • Shelburn Elementary School 28 Pupils
  • Hymera Elementary School 17 Pupils
  • Honey Creek Middle School 5 Pupils


  • 2007-08[3]
  • 96.7% White 502 Pupils
  • 1.7% Multi-Racial 9 Pupils
  • 0.8% Hispanic 4 Pupils
  • 0.6% Native American 3 Pupils
  • 0.2% Asian 1 Pupil
  • 0.4% Black 2 Pupils

Free Lunch[edit]

  • 2007-08[4]
  • Paid Lunch 52.2% 271 Pupils
  • Reduced Lunch 14.8% 77 Pupils
  • Free Lunch 32.9% 171 Pupils

Attendance Rate[edit]

  • Preliminary Data 2007-08[5]
  • State Average 95.9%
  • Total 95.1%
  • Male 95.2%
  • Female 95.0%
  • Multi-Racial 95.2%
  • White 95.2%

ISTEP Results[edit]

  • 2008-09 Fall


  • 7th Grade - 77 Pupils Tested,0% Pass Plus 0 Pupils, 49% Passed 38 Pupils, 51% Failed 39 Pupils[6]
  • 8th Grade - 100 Pupils Tested, 10% Pass Plus 10 Pupils, 53% Passed 53 Pupils, 36% Failed 36 Pupils, 1% Undetermined 1 Pupil[7]
  • 9th Grade - Not Tested In Fall Of 2008
  • 10th Grade - 89 Pupils Tesed, 0% Pass Plus 0 Pupils, 62% Passed 55 Pupils, 36% Failed 32 Pupils, 2% Undetermined 2 Pupils [8]


  • 7th Grade - 77 Pupils Tested, 10% Pass Plus 8 Pupils, 68% Passed 52 Pupils, 21% Failed 16 Pupils, 1% Undetermined 1 Pupil[9]
  • 8th Grade - 100 Pupils Tested, 12% Pass Plus 12 Pupils, 53% Passed 53 Pupils, 35% Failed 35 Pupils,[10]
  • 9th Grade - Not Tested In Fall Of 2008
  • 10th Grade - 89 Pupils Tested, 2% Pass Plus 2 Pupils, 54% Passed 48 Pupils, 44% Failed 39 Pupils,[11]


  • 2007-08
  • 40% of Seniors Taking [12]
Average Scores[edit]
  • Writing 473[13]
  • Mathematics 494[14]
  • Critical Reading 470[15]
  • Composite Score College-Bound Seniors(Verbal & Math) 964[16]

Graduation Rate[edit]

  • 2006-07[17]
  • 87.5% of Pupils
  • 63 Pupils
  • 28.6% Honors Grads 18 Pupils
  • 34.9% Core 40 Only 22 Pupils
  • 36.5% Regular Grads 23 Pupils
  • 73% Pursuing College Education 46 Pupils
  • 2006-07 or 2007-08
  • 7% Taking An Advanced Placement Test
  • 10% Of Seniors Taking An ACT Exam
  • 23.6 ACT Composite Score

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