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North China Coal Medical University (华北煤炭医学院 Huáběi méitàn yīxuéyuàn) is a university in Tangshan, Hebei Province, China. At one time it was the only medical university in China.


It was founded by a British surgeon in 1926. It is now under provincial governance. In August 1998, it was transformed into a university co-administered by the government of Hebei province as well as the Coal Ministry, and primarily administered by the former. After decades of expansion and development, it has now become a multi-level, and multi-form educational and research institute.


The university has 1912 faculty and staff with 700 professors. The university recruits students from all over the country. There are 11,772 undergraduates, 1,300 graduate students, and 10,000 students receiving career-education. It is composed of the main campus, the Qinghuangdao extension campus, one adult education institute, and the autonomous college Ji-Tang Institute.

It comprises 14 schools with 68 teaching and research sections. It offers 28 programs and grants medical and science degrees to students. As China’s reform is deepening in the higher education system, and especially since the country joined WTO, the university has established inter-university cooperative relationships with medical universities and research institutions in many countries including the USA, Japan, Germany, Austria, and Hungary. It has been accepting foreign students from Germany and Japan since 1991 and from Pakistan since 2007.

It now has 12 affiliated hospitals, 41 teaching and practicing hospitals. It publishes a number of journals, including the Journal of Chinese Clinical Medicine, the Journal of North China Coal Medical University, the China Coal Industry Medicine and the Chinese Journal of Psychologic Health.

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