North Curry Meadow

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North Curry Meadow
Site of Special Scientific Interest
North Curry Meadow is located in Somerset
North Curry Meadow
Location within Somerset
Area of Search Somerset
Grid reference ST330253
Coordinates 51°01′23″N 2°57′24″W / 51.02315°N 2.95666°W / 51.02315; -2.95666Coordinates: 51°01′23″N 2°57′24″W / 51.02315°N 2.95666°W / 51.02315; -2.95666
Interest Biological
Area 1.3 hectares (0.013 km2; 0.0050 sq mi)
Notification 1989 (1989)
Natural England website

North Curry Meadow (grid reference ST330253) is a 1.3 hectare (3.1 acre) biological Site of Special Scientific Interest in North Curry, Somerset, England, notified in 1989.

North Curry Meadow is a traditionally-managed hay meadow which contains a rich variety of grasses and dicotyledonous herbs characteristic of ancient, semi-natural lowland grassland. The site contains a population of the nationally scarce Corky-fruited Water-dropwort (Oenanthe pimpinelloides), indicative of a particular type of mesotrophic grassland community which occurs locally in South West England. There is a large population of Green-winged Orchids (Orchis morio) which is favoured by the late hay cut.[1]


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