North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

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North Dakota Hall of Fame
North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame Logo.jpg
Location250 Main Street, P.O. Box 137, Medora, ND 58645-0137
TypeHall of fame

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is a cowboy hall of fame. Established in 1995, the hall of fame endeavors to preserve and uphold the historic and modern western lifestyle throughout the state as it pertains to Native Americans, rodeo, and ranching.[1]


Last Name First Name Category Inducted
Aber Bob Rodeo Arena 2010
Albers Theodore (Ted) Pre-1940 Ranching 2003
Appledoorn Franklin "Tex" Modern-era Rodeo 2003
Armstrong Dean Modern-era Rodeo 1999
Baird Phil Legacy Award 2016
Baker Paige Sr. Modern-era Ranching 1999
Baker Henry "Hank" Pre-1940 Rodeo 2013
Barnhart Leslie "Jim" Rodeo Producer 2005
Barr Roberts Margaret Pre-1940 Ranching 2003
Bell Angus W. Pre-1940 Ranching 2012
Berger Joe Rodeo Arena 2016
Bird Ben Pre-1940 Ranching 2000
Bohnsack Freida Pre-1940 Ranching 2002
Breuer Almit Modern-era Rodeo 2007
Bruington George Pre-1940 Rodeo 2002
Burnstad Christen Pre-1940 Ranching 2015
Burr Newton Sr. Modern-era Rodeo 2012
Campbell Archie Pre-1940 Ranching 2011
Carson Monty Modern-era Rodeo 2016
Charging George Pre-1940 Rodeo 2008
Chase Emanuel Modern-era Rodeo 1999
Chase Jack Modern-era Rodeo 2006
Chase Joe Modern-era Rodeo 1999
Chase Emerson Rodeo Arena 2014
Christensen, DVM George Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2001
Christensen Vic Pre-1940 Ranching 1998
Christophersen Bob Modern-era Rodeo 2012
Clark Elmer J. Pre-1940 Rodeo 2001
Connolly William Pre-1940 Ranching 2008
Cook Rex Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2010
Cornell Frederick Louis "Ted" Arts & Entertainment 1999
Crowley Matt Pre-1940 Ranching 2010
Cullen Pearl Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2002
Dahl Jack Modern-era Ranching 2004
Danielson Russ Legacy Award 2013
Davis Leonard Pre-1940 Ranching 2006
de Mores Marquis Great Westerner 2013
Defender George Pre-1940 Rodeo 2001
Dvirnak Alick Modern-era Ranching 2008
Eck Virginia "Ginny" Legacy Award 2015
Ehr Wilfred Jr. "Sonny" Modern-era Rodeo 2001
Fenton George Modern-era Ranching 2009
Fernandez Perfecto Pre-1940 Ranching 2009
Fiske Frank Bennett Arts & Entertainment 2001
Follis William J. "Bill" Pre-1940 Ranching 2000
Fox Angus Modern-era Rodeo 2009
Fox Guy Pre-1940 Rodeo 2011
Fredericks John Jr. "Buzz" Modern-era Rodeo 2010
Fredericks Pete Modern-era Rodeo 1999
Gabbert Alvin R. Modern-era Rodeo 2005
Gardner George Rodeo Producer 2003
Gjermundson Brad Modern-era Rodeo 2009
Goldsberry Harris Modern-era Ranching 2002
Goodall John W. Pre-1940 Ranching 1999
Gore Scott Pre-1940 Rodeo 2002
Grantier Jay Pre-1940 Ranching 2001
Greenwood Dale Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2016
Griffin Melvin Pre-1940 Rodeo 2009
Gullickson Maude Modern-era Rodeo 2011
Hadden William Roscoe "Bill" Pre-1940 Rodeo 2014
Hall Mervel Modern-era Rodeo 2008
Hall Edward S. Pre-1940 Ranching 2005
Hall-Davy Audrey Arts & Entertainment 2016
Hamann Bill Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2004
Hansen Douglas A. Modern-era Rodeo 2015
Hart Don Cowboy Longrider 2006
Hecker (Lennick) Joan Modern-era Rodeo 2015
Henderson Earl Pre-1940 Ranching 2004
Herman Wayne Modern-era Rodeo 2014
Hovde John Cowboy Longrider 2009
Howard Duane Modern-era Rodeo 1998
Huidekoper A.C. Pre-1940 Ranching 1998
Jefferies James P. "Jim" Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2006
Jefferies Arthur (A.N.) Pre-1940 Ranching 2016
Johnston Ben Pre-1940 Rodeo 2015
Johnston Jim Modern-era Rodeo 2004
Johnston Andrew Pre-1940 Ranching 2006
Jorgenson Dale Modern-era Rodeo 2002
Kennedy Angus Sr. Pre-1940 Ranching 1998
Keogh Brooks Modern-era Ranching 2003
Keogh Frank P. Pre-1940 Ranching 1999
Krueger Kenneth Pre-1940 Rodeo 2016
Kubik Frank, Jr. Modern-era Ranching 2001
L'Amour Louis Arts & Entertainment 1998
Larson Jake Modern-era Ranching 2007
LaSotta Alex Pre-1940 Rodeo 2003
Leakey John Pre-1940 Ranching 1998
Leland Melvin Modern-era Ranching 2012
Link Arthur Great Westerner 2009
Linseth Lynn Modern-era Rodeo 2013
Lowman Bill Arts & Entertainment 2013
Luger Raymond "Butch" Modern-era Ranching 2005
Marshall Frank Pre-1940 Rodeo 2003
McCarty Badlands Bill Rodeo Producer 2004
McCormick Gene Modern-era Rodeo 2000
McLeod Robert Pre-1940 Rodeo 2006
Moore Andy Cowboy Longrider 2014
Moore Richard Pre-1940 Ranching 2014
Mrnak James Earl Modern-era Ranching 2015
Nelson Alvin Modern-era Rodeo 1998
Neuens Evelyn Legacy Award 2005
Neuens Walt Pre-1940 Rodeo 2004
Northrop Earl Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2001
Northrop Bruce Modern-era Rodeo 2011
O'Neil Norman "Peg" Rodeo Arena 2012
Olson Harry Modern-era Rodeo 2007
Olstad Elnar Arts & Entertainment 2004
Pelissier Louis Pre-1940 Rodeo 2000
Pelissier Pete Pre-1940 Rodeo 2012
Perry LeRoy "Bud" Modern-era Ranching 2013
Piehl Walter, Sr. Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2012
Pope Stanley Modern-era Ranching 2014
Quilliam John F. "Johnny" Pre-1940 Rodeo 2007
Reich Delvin Modern-era Rodeo 2001
Rhoades Sam Rodeo Producer 2007
Rindt Robert "Cowboy Bob" Arts & Entertainment 2010
Roosevelt Theodore Great Westerner 1999
Schafer Harold Legacy Award 2013
Schaff Joseph Modern-era Ranching 2016
Schnell Ray Sr. Great Westerner 2000
Schnell Willard Legacy Award 2009
Selland Lee Modern-era Rodeo 2010
Solberg Olaf J. "Ole" Modern-era Ranching 2000
Solberg Tom Modern-era Rodeo 2013
Stevenson Donald Pre-1940 Ranching 2007
Stevenson John "J.C." Rodeo Producer 2001
Stuber Roger Modern-era Ranching 2011
Sundby Ed Modern-era Rodeo 2016
Tallon Cy Arts & Entertainment 2000
Taylor William "Bill" Pre-1940 Ranching 2002
Tescher Jim Modern-era Rodeo 1998
Tescher Tom Modern-era Rodeo 1998
Tomac Steve "The Senator" Rodeo Arena 2008
Tyler Marie Cowboy Longrider 2011
Uhlman Kellogg Lettie L. Pre-1940 Ranching 2013
Voigt Andrew Pre-1940 Ranching 2001
Wanna Howard Pre-1940 Rodeo 2010
Weekes James Frances "Jim" Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2008
Weinberger Jerry Modern-era Rodeo 2014
Wetzstein Frank Rodeo Producer 2005
Wicks Joe Pre-1940 Rodeo 2005
Anchor Ranch Ranch 2008
Anchors Aweigh #00 Rodeo Livestock 2012
Birdhead Ranch Ranch 2002
Brooks Hereford Ranch Ranch 2014
Blaisdell Rodeo Club Special Achievement 2014
Cannonball Ranch Ranch 1999
Dickinson Match of Champions Special Achievement 1999
Double Jeopardy #08 Rodeo Livestock 2010
Eaton Ranch-Towner Ranch 2001
Eaton's Custer Trail Ranch Ranch 2000
Fettig Brothers Rodeo Rodeo Producer 2000
Fifty Years in the Saddle Special Achievement 2009
Figure Four #4 Rodeo Livestock 2002
Kennedy Ranch Ranch 2016
Killdeer Mountain Roundup Rodeo Special Achievement 1998
Little Yellow Jacket #61 Rodeo Livestock 2006
Home on the Range Champions Ride Special Achievement 2000
Long X Ranch Ranch 2004
Mandan Rodeo Special Achievement 2006
Minot Y's Men's Rodeo Special Achievement 2003
ND Winter Show Rodeo Special Achievement 2011
Nelson Sunrise Ranch Ranch 2003
Old Fitzgerald #22 Rodeo Livestock 2001
Old Shep #22 Rodeo Livestock 2000
Price Ranch Ranch 2012
Red Pepper #v34 Rodeo Livestock 2008
Sakakawea Great Westerner 2001
Sanish Rodeo Special Achievement 2001
Silha Russ Modern-era Ranching 2010
Sitting Bull Great Westerner 2005
Skoal's Centennial #L2 Rodeo Livestock 2014
Taylor Ranch Ranch 2010
Tibor Brothers Arts & Entertainment 2007
VVV Ranch Weinreis Brothers Ranch 2006
War Paint #18 Rodeo Livestock 2016
Whiz Bang #2 Rodeo Livestock 2004
Parker Clarence Great Westerner 2017
Christensen Paul Cowboy Longrider 2017
Birdsall Herb Pre-1940 Ranching 2017
Connolly James Modern-era Ranching 2017
Sorenson Leo Pre-1940 Rodeo 2017
Bonogofsky-Pickett Brenda Lee Modern-era Rodeo 2017
Jorgenson Denver Modern-era Rodeo 2017
White Earth Valley Saddle Club Special Achievement 2017
Berger Chad Rodeo Arena 2018
Dahl Dave Pre-1970 Rodeo 2018
Reich Jack Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo 2018
Sandvick Larry Modern-era Rodeo 2018
Jorgenson Nevada Modern-era Rodeo 2018
Olson Ranch Ranch 2018
Murray Ralph Modern-era Ranching 2018
Weekes Steve Pre-1940 Ranching 2018
Top Hand Rodeo Livestock 2018
Nelson Kaye Legacy Award 2019
Martell Charles Franklin Pre-1940 Ranching 2019
Effertz Gerald "Pat" Modern-era Ranching 2019
Graham Gary Pre-1970 Rodeo 2019
Hermanson Darrell Modern-era Rodeo 2019
Hansen Bob Modern-era Rodeo 2019
Piehl, Jr. Walter Western Arts & Entertainment 2019



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