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North Dakota Highway 13 marker

North Dakota Highway 13
Route information
Maintained by NDDOT
Length: 205.533 mi[1] (330.773 km)
Major junctions
West end: ND 1804 near Linton
East end: CSAH 12 in Breckenridge, MN
Counties: Emmons, McIntosh, Logan, LaMoure, Dickey, Sargent, Richland
Highway system
  • North Dakota State Highways
ND 11 ND 14

North Dakota Highway 13 (ND 13) is a 202-mile-long (325 km) highway that serves southeast North Dakota. For the most part, the highway is a rural two-lane road, but for the final 12 miles (19 km) east of I-29 it is a four-lane divided road. Its eastern terminus is at the Minnesota state line over the Bois de Sioux River. The western terminus is located at ND 1804 about 13 miles (21 km) west of Linton and about 50 miles (80 km) south of Bismarck.

Route description[edit]

North Dakota Highway 13 has its western terminus in Emmons County with ND 1804 and travels east about thirteen miles before entering Linton and beginning a concurrency with US 83. This concurrency is entirely within the Linton city limits, and after the highway leaves Linton, ND 13 travels east to the McIntosh county line. About five miles east of the county line, ND 13 starts a concurrency with ND 3. This concurrency travels about ten miles east to Wishek, where the highways part and ND 3 heads south. ND 13 then travels about eleven miles northeast to Lehr. In Lehr, the highway serves as the southern terminus of ND 30. A short distance northeast of Lehr, ND 13 travels along the McIntosh-Logan county line for about nine miles before curving northeast and into Logan County.

Northeast of here is the start of a concurrency with ND 56. The concurrency heads three miles east and enters LaMoure County. Still concurrent, ND 13 and ND 56 travel four miles east before ND 56 heads south to Kulm and ND 13 heads north and east to the city of Edgeley. In Edgeley, ND 13 intersects US 281. After this intersection, the highway heads eighteen miles due east to LaMoure. After traveling six miles east, the highway curves to the east-northeast for about five miles to parallel nearby railroad tracks. The highway reaches Verona and begins a concurrency with ND 1. The concurrency heads due south for six miles before heading west along the LaMoure-Dickey county line for about half of a mile. After this, the highways curve south once more and enter Dickey County. ND 13's concurrency with ND 1 continues southward for four miles, then ND 1 continues to head south toward Oakes, while ND 13 forks to the east and travels to Gwinner, entering Sargent County in the process. Just east of Gwinner, ND 13 is concurrent with ND 32 for a mile east. ND 13 travels eight miles east of this concurrency, then a mile north and about a mile and a half northeast to reach the southeast corner of Milnor. ND 13 then travel east to the Richland county line.

About six miles east of the county line, ND 13 intersects ND 18 in Wyndmere. A few miles east of Wyndmere is the small community of Barney. East of Barney is the city of Mooreton and east of Mooreton, ND 13 intersects Interstate 29 and US 81. From the I-29/US 81 interchange to the its interchange with ND 210 in Wahpeton, a stretch of 12 miles (19 km), ND 13 is a divided four-lane highway. Through Wahpeton, the road is also known as Dakota Avenue. The highway's eastern terminus is over the Bois de Sioux River, on the state line with Minnesota.

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Emmons 0.000 0.000 ND 1804 – Bismarck Western terminus
Linton 12.902 20.764 US 83 north – Bismarck Northern end of US 83 concurrency
13.918 22.399 US 83 south – Strasburg Southern end of US 83 concurrency
McIntosh 36.540 58.805 ND 3 north – Napoleon Western end of ND 3 concurrency
Wishek 46.428 74.719 ND 3 south – Ashley Eastern end of ND 3 concurrency
Lehr 57.555 92.626 ND 30 north Southern terminus of ND 30
Logan 70.236 113.034 ND 56 north – Fredonia Western end of ND 56 concurrency
LaMoure 77.250 124.322 ND 56 south – Kulm Eastern end of ND 56 concurrency
Edgeley 92.037 148.119 US 281 – Jamestown, Ellendale
122.109 196.515 ND 1 north – Rogers Northern end of ND 1 concurrency
Dickey 132.303 212.921 ND 1 south – Oakes Southern end of ND 1 concurrency
Sargent Gwinner 153.243 246.621 ND 32 north – Lisbon Western end of ND 32 concurrency
154.243 248.230 ND 32 south – Forman Eastern end of ND 32 concurrency
Richland Wyndmere 179.383 288.689 ND 18 – Leonard, Lidgerwood
194.112 312.393 I-29 / US 81 – Fargo, Hankinson I-29 exit 23
Wahpeton 204.048 328.383 ND 210 east (Bypass) Interchange; exit not signed westbound
204.738 329.494 ND 127 south (11th Street) Serves Harry Stern Airport
Bois de Sioux River 205.533 330.773 North DakotaMinnesota line
CSAH 12 east (Minnesota Avenue) Continuation into Minnesota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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