North District, Taichung

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Coordinates: 24°9′27.4″N 120°40′51″E / 24.157611°N 120.68083°E / 24.157611; 120.68083

North District in Taichung City
North District
North District office

North District (Chinese: 北區; pinyin: Běi Qū) is an urban district in the Taiwanese city of Taichung. It was formerly a part of Taichung City before the City and County were amalgamated in 2010. The North District is one of Taichung's major developed shopping, education, and cultural areas.


The district used to be part of Taichung provincial city before the merger with Taichung County to form Taichung special municipality on 25 December 2010.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Zhongzheng Village, Liuge Village, Guangda Village, Wenzhuang Village, Dahu Village, Wuchang Village, Jinping Village, Xinbei Village, Xinxing Village, Leying Village, Jincun Village, Jiancheng Village, Jiande Village, Jinzhou Village, Jinxiang Village, Jinhua Village, Jinlong Village, Qiucuo Village, Jianxing Village, Dingcuo Village, Chongde Village, Laicuo Village, Laifu Village, Laixing Village, Laiwang Village, Laiming Village, Meichuan Village, Laicun Village, Yude Village, Dangou Village, Jianhang Village, Mingde Village, Mingxin Village, Zhangjing Village, Liren Village, Zhongda Village.[1]



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