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North East Combined Authority
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North East Combined Authority within England
Term limits
Founded15 April 2014
Paul Watson
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Joint committees
North East Joint Transport Committee
Indirect election
Last election
15 April 2014
Meeting place
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Quadrant, Cobalt Business Park

The North East Combined Authority is a combined authority that covers part of the North East region of England.[1] It was established by statutory instrument under the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 on 15 April 2014.[2] It is a strategic authority with powers over transport, economic development and regeneration. At its first meeting on 15 April 2014, Simon Henig, Leader of Durham County Council, was elected as its chair.[3] The functions, property, rights and liabilities of the former Tyne and Wear Integrated Transport Authority were inherited by the North East Combined Authority, forming an executive body within the new authority as the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive.

It was announced in October 2015 that the Authority would receive an enhanced devolution settlement and elect a Mayor in 2017.[4] The plans were later cancelled by the Communities and Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid on 8 September 2016, after Durham, Gateshead, South Tyneside, and Sunderland Councils withdrew their support.[5] The current non-mayoral combined authority arrangements will continue.

In November 2018, Newcastle City Council, North Tyneside Borough Council, and Northumberland County Council left the North East Combined Authority and formed the new North of Tyne Combined Authority.[6] For transport policy the two combined authorities come together to form the North East Joint Transport Committee.[7]


In order to create a combined authority, the local authorities in the proposed area must undertake a governance review and produce a scheme of their proposals.


The order which established the combined authority referred to it as the Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle Upon Tyne, North Tyneside, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Sunderland Combined Authority, simply listing the names of the constituent councils in alphabetical order. The initial consultation used the name Durham, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear Combined Authority.[8] The body uses the name North East Combined Authority or NECA,[9] and for marketing purposes has adopted the brand north east combined authority, neca (all lower case). The board is known as the North East Leadership Board. The legal name of the authority was changed to Durham, Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland Combined Authority in November 2018.


The membership of the combined authority is as follows:[10]

Name Membership Position within nominating authority Nominating authority Position within combined authority
Paul Watson Constituent Leader of the Council Sunderland City Council Chair
Martin Gannon Constituent Leader of the Council Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council
Iain Malcolm Constituent Leader of the Council South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council
Simon Hening Constituent Leader of the Council Durham County Council
Paul Woolston Non-constituent Chair North East Local Enterprise Partnership

Local government[edit]

Map of the local government authorities of North East England. The North East Combined Authority is made up of areas 2(b), 2(d), 2(e) and 3.
Areas 1, 2(a) and 2(c) make the separate North of Tyne Combined Authority. Areas 4-8 make up the separate Tees Valley Combined Authority.

The Combined Authority consists of the following authorities (2017 population estimates):

Authority Type No. on Map Population Area (km²) Pop. Density (per km²)
Gateshead Metropolitan borough 2(b) 202,400 142.4 1,421
South Tyneside Metropolitan borough 2(d) 149,600 64.39 2,322
Sunderland Metropolitan borough 2(e) 277,200 137.4 2,017
Durham Unitary authority 3 523,700 2,226 235


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