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North Elmham
North Elmham railway station 2015.jpg
Former station building
Place North Elmham
Area Breckland, Norfolk
Grid reference TF993203
Pre-grouping Eastern Counties Railway
Great Eastern Railway
Post-grouping London & North Eastern Railway
Eastern Region of British Railways
Mid-Norfolk Railway
Platforms 1
1857 Opened (Elmham)
1 September 1872 Renamed (North Elmham)
5 October 1964 Closed to passengers
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain
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North Elmham railway station is a railway station in the village of North Elmham in the English county of Norfolk. The station is part of a line being restored by the Mid-Norfolk Railway from Dereham to County School railway station.


The station was equipped with a single passenger platform on the down line. This line was flanked by a goods loop. The station was rebuilt by the London & North Eastern Railway, with a simple brick building replacing the earlier timber framed building.[1] Passenger trains were not permitted to pass at this station.[2]

Goods trains[edit]

North Elmham was the location for a rail served dairy, with daily milk trains operating from the station to Ilford.[3] A shunting horse was used at Elmham to move loaded milk wagons from the down to the up side of the line for collection. The station also dealt in grain and fertilizer traffic.[2]

Present day[edit]

North Elmham railway station (historic)
Line towards Fakenham
North Elmham station
Elmham Level Crossing
Signal box
Line towards Dereham

Some materials are currently on site from the former Cambridge - St Ives railway to construct a new platform in preparation for the opening of the MNR's northern section for passengers. There is no timescale for construction of a new platform but is unlikely before at least 2017-2019 depending on funding available and the pace of track restoration between Hoe and North Elmham which relies on volunteer labour and charitable donations.[4]

It had been proposed that there could be an additional halt built between this location and Dereham in the small hamlet of Hoe, a popular location for walkers. The Mid-Norfolk Railway's volunteers are instead concentrating efforts on restoring the line progressively towards North Elmham.

Although there are no train services near this station at this time, a Transport Works Order (The Mid-Norfolk Railway Order 2001[5]) is in place allowing the Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust to operate trains from Dereham up to approximately 550m north of the station where an old railway buffer stop is located. North of the buffer stop a Permissive path, owned and maintained by the railway company, occupies the trackbed towards County School railway station.

Preceding station Disused railways Following station
County School
Line and station closed
  British Rail
Eastern Region

Wymondham to Wells via East Dereham
Line closed, station open
Heritage Railways  Proposed Heritage railways
County School
Line and station closed
  Mid-Norfolk Railway   Dereham
Line closed
  Future services  
County School
Line and station closed
  Norfolk Orbital Railway
Mid-Norfolk Railway
Line closed, station open


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