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The North End of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada is not a community per se, but rather describes the large swaths of land annexed by St. Catharines from Grantham Township. It is generally described as any area of the city north of the Queen Elizabeth Way, although areas north of the QEW but south of Welland Avenue were not part of the annex, and therefore not really part of The North End. Facer is also north of the QEW, but a distinct community of its own.

The North End is home to the largest proportion of St. Catharines residents. It is primarily suburban in nature, although development ranges from high-density social housing projects to large upscale homes on the lakeshore. It was the location of explosive growth during the 1950s and 60s, which saw St. Catharines double in size in less than a 20-year period.

These residents as well as visitors contribute to the use of 2 substantial marinas, 2 harbours and several launching ramps across the south shore of Lake Ontario. Water enthusiasts are plentiful in The North End. Personal watercraft frequent driveways and can often be heard at night along the Lakeshore.

Coordinates: 43°11′45″N 79°14′44″W / 43.1957°N 79.2456°W / 43.1957; -79.2456